101 Best Generators For Every Occasion: (2024) – Definitive Review

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We’ve spent over 700 hours field-testing the 101 Best Generators on the market for 2024.

We interviewed more than 500 Solar, Camping, Quiet, and Small Generator owners and researched over 100 of the bestselling generators on the market to bring you the Top 10 in each category.

We guarantee you’ll find the best generator, whatever your activity – and we’ll make sure you get the best bang for your buck – to boot…

Welcome to the most comprehensive TopNotch Generator Buyer’s Guide on the internet today.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking for a camping generator simply for your camping needs or looking to have a solar model working hard for you whilst you’re stretching out under the sun enjoying a camp out with friends.

Heard about those fancy schmancy all singing all dancing generators and you kinda like the idea of modern-day glamping with all your amenities at the ready?

Perhaps you’re looking for a small generator to come in handy and easy to carry along in the RV – you know, a few extra pounds less is a good way to go.

Or maybe you need a quiet generator for your at-home needs – shhhh – (or to simply maximize your electricals whenever there’s a blackout)… without noise.

Check the index on the left for the type of generator you’re looking for and you’ll find a Definitive Review and Buyer’s Guide for each category. In these, you’ll notice our field test summaries to help you find exactly the right generator for you and your circumstances.

Or if you already have a particular generator in mind, just click on the product review.

Here, you’ll have a direct and on-point guide to your chosen generator as well as our ‘quick-view’ comparison charts – for if you just want to get down and dirty and find the direct answer to your question.

And if you’re still not sure what to buy – we’ve made it super simple by giving you our Top 3 Choices for each category:

Editors Choice Award Winner

Editor’s Choice 

What is the best generator? Let’s cut to the chase… We tested the top 10 generators on the market and the very best is our Editor’s Choice. Want to know why? Read our reviews to find the answers to this, and lots, lots more.

Top Pick Award Winner

Our Top Pick 

…always goes to products that really excel in a particular area, even if they don’t perform so well in others. They’re brilliant under one metric – really outstanding. So if it’s a generator you need for your next spring break, or perhaps you want your generator to last a lifetime – and durability is the key – those are the metrics you’ll be looking at here.

Best Value Award Winner

Best Value 

What’s the best value for a generator? We reviewed the top generators for your category, and showcase the best 10 of those – we’ll show you the generator that’ll give you the very best bang for your buck in each category. Stick with us if you want your hard-earned dollars to stay in your pocket whilst you walk away with the generator of your dreams.



Best Generators

Camping trips are a great way to get out into nature, re-energize, and recharge your batteries.

But what if you have actual batteries to recharge too?

And if you’re remembering back to the days of the noisy pull-start models, you’re going to love this guide. We’ve selected some of the quietest most portable and easy-to-start models on the market for 2024.

Ready for the off?

Let’s get started…

Back to Back Comparison, Ratings & Buyer’s Guide:

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listw 26 Models Reviewed

clockw 180 Hours Of Research

calendarw 130 Field Test/hrs

friendw 68 Users Surveyed

Our Recommendation

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Best Generators

Looking for a power source that can always be recharged for free, is totally safe AND environmentally friendly?

You’re in the right place.

The best solar generators are silent, maintenance-free, and can make a significant difference to the environment.

And we have the best of the best right here for you.

Ready to learn everything there is to know about the Best Solar Generators?

Let’s go!

Back to Back Comparison, Ratings & Buyer’s Guide:

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listw 32 Models Reviewed

clockw 210 Hours Of Research

calendarw 144 Field Test/hrs

friendw 80 Users Surveyed

Our Recommendation

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Best Generators

Do you want to know about noise levels before choosing a generator for your next camping trip?

Or do you just want to keep the peace with your neighbors during outages?

Well – we’re here to help you with that.

We’ve reviewed the most impressive quiet generators on the market for 2024 and we’re here to give you all the insider info you need to make the best choice for your needs.

Stick with TopNotch – we have you covered.

Back to Back Comparison, Ratings & Buyer’s Guide:

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<<< Best Quiet Generator >>>

listw 28 Models Reviewed

clockw 174 Hours Of Research

calendarw 124 Field Test/hrs

friendw 83 Users Surveyed

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Best Generators

Small generators are the perfect answer to your on-the-go power needs.

Slip one in a corner of the RV, or carry one around on the campsite.

Whether you’re looking for emergency back-up at home or just a handy addition to your essential camping kit, we have the solution right here…

Back to Back Comparison, Ratings & Buyer’s Guide:

listw 34 Models Reviewed

clockw 240 Hours Of Research

calendarw 160 Field Test/hrs

friendw 90 Users Surveyed

Our Recommendation

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Best Generator Manufacturers

Yamaha Motors

Yamaha has a wide range of products that include powertrain technology that originate from developing their motorcycles. Among its product lines are motorcycles, all-terrain vehicles and recreational off-highway vehicles, snowmobiles, electrically power-assisted bicycles, marine engines, boats, personal watercraft, swimming pools, surface mounters and industrial robots, industrial-use unmanned helicopters, golf cars, automobile engines, electric wheelchairs, generators, snow blowers, parts and accessories, pleasure-use boat mooring equipment, water purification systems, and racing kart engines. Phew…


Honda is a Japanese-owned manufacturing company that’s been producing robots, aircraft, motorcycles, ATVs, power equipment, engines, automobiles, and even mountain bikes. It has been one of the world’s largest manufacturers since its establishment in 1959.

WestingHouse Outdoor Power

Westinghouse is an outdoor manufacturing company that specializes in producing equipment that has been trusted as the source of reliable power for over 130 years. Among its products are generators, pressure washers, power stations, and lawnmowers.

Briggs & Stratton Corporation

Briggs & Stratton claims to be the world’s largest manufacturer of gasoline engines for outdoor power equipment and leads in the manufacturing of turf care, pressure washer, generator, lawn and garden, and job site products.

Champion Power Equipment

Champion is a leading manufacturer of power generation equipment in the market. Its products include home standby, log splitters, portable generators, chipper shredders, cultivators and tillers, pressure washers, water pumps, snow blowers, lawn and garden products, winches and hoists, and accessories.

Generac Power Systems

Generac is a manufacturer of a wide range of power products that cater to both homeowners and business establishments. It produces generators, transfer switches, pressure washers, water pumps, and other parts and accessories.


Pulsar is a brand that manufactures portable generators, pressure washers, air compressors, lawn mowers, respirator masks, and power tools. It has a full line of portable power products with a progressive design and cutting-edge features.

Earthquake Groundbreaking Power Equipment

Earthquake manufactures cultivators, front tine rototillers, rear tine rototillers, earth auger powerheads, earth augers, chipper shredders, log splitters, edgers, string mowers, rough cut mowers, accessories, and older products. They specialize in drilling and earth tilling products for rural, residential, and light commercial markets.


Made in China these Wolf generators are a sturdy option if you’re looking for durability.


DuroStar is a leading manufacturer of generators, pressure washers, engines, pumps, and other accessories. It innovates using a dual-fuel technology that allows operation of generators through either gasoline or liquid propane.


Wen focuses on manufacturing power tools, lawn and garden equipment, accessories, generators, hydraulic cylinder, and replacement parts. Wen has been manufacturing affordable power tools that are of high-quality since 1951.


Atima is a Shanghai Cosmo company-owned brand that was founded in 2010. They’re relatively new to the generator market. The Atima brand has a signature look of having a black and white design. Some of their models have a genuine Yamaha engine.

Sportsman Generators

Sportsman are affordable portable generators that sell for a fraction of the price of its expensive counterparts. It manufactures a wide range of portable generators for a much lesser price.

Predator Generators,

Predator generators, produced by Harbor Freight, produce a wide range of equipment from power tools, hand tools, air tools and compressors, tool storage and organization, automotive equipment, engines and generators, lawn and garden tools, home tools, welding tools, plumbing tools, electrical equipment, hardware tools, material handling tools, building and construction equipment, painting tools, safety tools, and lighting equipment.

Smarter Tools

Smarter Tools specializes in the manufacture, distribution, and design of portable generators, outdoor power equipment, welders, and pneumatic tools. The brand has a manufacturing facility in China. It continues to expand its range of products, including portable gasoline, propane, dual-fuel and natural gas generators, welding equipment and accessories, portable gasoline pressure washers, painting equipment, outdoor power equipment, battery chargers, pneumatic air tools and accessories, LED, fluorescent, and halogen lighting solutions.

Goal Zero

Goal Zero has a wide range of products such as USB power banks, AC power banks, power stations, solar chargers, portable solar panels, mountable solar panels, small power kits, medium power kits, large power kits, lights and lanterns, cords and adapters, and other such accessories.

Jackery Power Outdoors

Jackery was founded in Silicon Valley in 2012 by a battery engineer from Apple. It launched the world’s first Lithium Portable Power Station in 2015 and is a leader in eco-friendly portable power by providing outdoor green power solutions for its clients. It manufactures solar panels, portable chargers, and portable power stations.


Paxcess is a leading manufacturer of pool cleaners, pressure washers, Rockman power stations, and Rockman solar panels.


Suaoki leads the market in its range of manufactured products such as indoor power stations, outdoor power stations, power station accessories, jump starters, portable solar panels, and laser measurements. The brand specializes in providing energy storage power sources and solar panel chargers.


Renogy is a leading provider of solar panels, solar kits, charge controllers, inverters, deep cycle batteries, battery chargers, accessories and wiring, and gears. The brand takes pride in utilizing renewable energy by supplying the best solar products on the market. Renogy has a mission to give tailor-made solutions that meet the needs of its clientele.


Audew is a leading manufacturer of a relatively wide range of products from car jump starters, air tools, car covers, car cleaning tools, electronics, replacement parts, car mirrors, car lights, and tow hooks and straps.

101 Best Generators For Every Occasion: (2024)

Whether you’re looking for a tiny generator to keep in the back of your garage for emergencies, or you need a sturdy powersome model for some serious off-grid fun, we have everything here for you.

No matter your budget, or your power needs, or even whether you need a ‘silent’ generator, you have the solution right here at your fingertips.

Our manufacturers of choice have to be the firm and renowned favorites like Yamaha or Honda – but we have to admit – there are some pretty great new players in the market for 2024.

Our Champion Generator choices for example, really pleasantly surprised us by offering such amazing value for money, for instance – you’d struggle to go wrong with one of those boys… Just look at the two that ended up as TopNotch award winners, and you’ll see my point.

So – you’ve seen the best of the best – what will your choice be today?

The team here at TopNotch have had a ball testing and reviewing all our generators, but now its time for us to pass the baton over to you to select the best generator for your needs today.

We wish you many happy times off-gridding…

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