About Us

Have you ever felt overwhelmed trying to decide which outdoor product might be best for you? Or have you been recommended a product (or worse still bought it) only to find out it wasn’t the right one to meet your needs?

Do you find yourself pogo-ing from website to website to find the answers you need to your questions about the outdoors?

We’ve experienced all of this and more, and that’s why TopNotch Outdoor exists – to help you.

topnotchoutdoor about us
topnotchoutdoor about us

TopNotch Outdoor’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best resource for outdoor gear reviews, to answer all your questions, and listen to you – our Reader.

We believe the world’s best outdoor resource should help educate you if you need it, and help you make great choices in selecting the best product for your budget, specific needs, and interests.

How do we do it? Our secret sauce…. is our team of independent researchers and reviewers – experts  in their specialist areas (such as fishing, camping, skiing, running, survival) who spend every moment of their spare time doing what they love, and then writing about it for you.

Here's how it works:

topnotchoutdoor about us

TopNotch Outdoor is completely reader-supported. We do not accept any free product or financial remuneration from any supplier.

If you click on a link to buy a product we’ve reviewed, we may earn a commission which is used to support our work.

Our review process starts with research: we research hundreds of products – we check out the reviews and look for best sellers in order to find the top contenders for each category. We then put these products through detailed hands-on testing.


To be objective in terms of our scoring, we develop a set of criteria for each product range so that we can properly quantify key differences and form comparisons between competing products.

These products are then put through not only TopNotch Outdoor’s lab tests but also field testing where we test them (sometimes to destruction) to see which hold up and how they compare to any competitor product.

topnotchoutdoor team
topnotchoutdoor team
topnotchoutdoor team

Our TopNotch Outdoor testers are avid campers, hunters, runners, climbers, bikers, surfers, backpackers, skiers and snowboarders. We use our TopNotch Outdoor labs for review and then put products through a side-by-side field testing.  All our testers have an eye for detail and we’re obsessed with finding the best.

Many of our testers are professionals in their field and bring years of collective wisdom and hands-on experience to the job.  

topnotchoutdoor Team

Our mission is to create the world’s biggest and best resource for outdoor gear reviews – helping you find that all-important product for your needs. 

Product which is within budget and best in its class.

To achieve this goal, we publish our scores against each product relative to its competition, with an overall score – in addition to scoring across important criteria for each product category. This means it will be easier for you to find the product that best meets your individual needs.


Editor's Choice
topnotchoutdoor award

awards go to those special products we believe are the very best overall.


Best Value Award
topnotchoutdoor award

goes to quality products that offer the best value for money.


Top Pick Award
topnotchoutdoor award

goes to products that stand out from the rest for a ‘specific application’.

Our Editor’s Choice awards go to those special products we believe are the very best overall.

TopNotch Outdoor reviews enable you to buy a product with confidence and provide you with all the information you need to choose the right outdoor product for your needs and budget.

Our TopNotch Outdoor review process takes a lot more time and work than other reviews you’ll find online. We firmly believe that good reviews are independent and compare and contrast. We find out how one product stacks up against all the other best products in the range, and why one product is perhaps materially better than another.

It’s our rigorous testing style – comparing and contrasting –  whilst remaining completely independent and objective, that sets us apart from other online reviewers.

Now you can check out our reviews and let us know if we live up to our promises.

If you have any further questions, please check out our FAQ section, or you can email us here. We’d love to hear from you and we encourage any feedback – it’s how we improve what we do – of course.

Help us make TopNotch Outdoor the world’s leading source of information for outdoor enthusiasts just like you.