Coleman WeatherMaster 10: Definitive Review (2021)

Coleman Weather Master 10

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10 is, in case you’re wondering (!), a great comfortable family camping tent with 6, 8 and 10 people versions – specially designed for campouts and extended trips with large groups.

What Is The Best Wall Tent?

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This is just one of many questions we asked ourselves when testing the best wall tents – we wanted to pick a clear-cut winner. There are so many options out there and we know that tents are often advertised to perform better than they actually do in the field.

Coleman Dual Fuel Lantern : Definitive Review (2021)

Coleman Premium Dual Fuel Lantern

…with 700 lumens on high, it’s no-doubt a bright lantern.
If you don’t necessarily go for the white light of LEDs, you’ll love this warm glow.
It has a fairly decent shine radius. Best for groups of 4 to 5.