What Is The Best Wall Tent?

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So, What Is The Best Wall Tent?

This is just one of many questions we asked ourselves when testing the best wall tents – we wanted to pick a clear-cut winner.

There are so many options out there and we know that tents are often advertised to perform better than they actually do in the field.

Because of this…

Finding honest reviews of the best wall tents can lead down an Internet rabbit hole that’s not always the easiest to pull yourself out of.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

But we’re here with some good news…

The search for a great wall tent doesn’t have to be exhausting! And you’ve already come to a great place to get several useful recommendations for wall tents that regularly receive excellent reviews.

In this article…

We’re going to answer the question, “What is the best wall tent” and we’re also going to give you specific advice to help you choose one that best suits your needs.

Let’s get started!

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How Do I Choose A Wall Tent That Suits My Needs?

We recognize not everyone is looking for a wall tent for the exact same purpose.

Some need a tent just for summer adventures while others need a four-season tent that’s made of something like canvas and allows you to safely set up a stove inside.

Because of these differences, we’ve chosen to highlight three different wall tents for various uses while also answering the most frequently asked questions about these wilderness accommodations. Here they are:

What Is The Best Wall Tent

Q . Can you live in a wall tent?

A: Yes! Many of these tents include an internal frame for added strength and durability. Some even allow you to set up a stove inside for warmth during the colder months.

But the degree to which you could really live in one of these tents year-round will depend on its design where you live and your own capacity to ‘rough it’.

For our money…

Canvas wall tents typically provide the most weather resistance and heat retention in the colder months and our top choice for the best wall tent for winter is the White Duck Canvas Wall Tent.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

It offers a total floor area of 10’ x 12’ and sleeps up to six people. It also includes double-stitched seams for added durability and weather resistance.

You’ll be able to install a small stove inside this tent for winter warmth.

But our testing did reveal that the stove jack on these canvas wall tents might be a little too large.

In cold and windy conditions, this means more cool air coming into the tent if you don’t have a fire going.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

Q. What size wall tent do I need?

A: This depends on how many people you want to fit inside!

Most tents have a rated capacity that’s actually a bit higher than the number of people you’d really want to fit inside. As a general rule, you can expect to comfortably fit two to four people less than a canvas tents advertised capacity.

But you should also consider the versatility of a tent’s size and how you can use its interior space.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

For our money…

The best wall tent for camping is the Gazelle T4 Pop Up Plus Tent.

You can comfortably sleep anywhere from four to eight people in this one and the floor area measures 14’ x 7.8’.

This tent has a total peak height of 78 inches, so even your tallest friends can stand up comfortably inside.

And it has one of the easiest setups among the best large tents, with a pitching process that takes just 90 seconds or so once you’ve had some experience with it.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

Q. How long can you leave a canvas tent up?

A: Again, it will depend on where you live and what type environmental elements your canvas tent will be exposed to. Generally speaking, however, canvas tents (especially the best ones from Montana Canvas) are designed to be lived in for extended periods of time.

This is why you see canvas tents set up as “glamping” yurts or on platforms as accommodations for guests at some eco-friendly resorts.

Some of these canvas tents (ahem, Montana Canvas!) can be quite expensive. So for the extra price, you should be able to leave them set up unless you need to make a big move.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

But if we were choosing…

Our choice for the best canvas wall tent would be the Montana Canvas tent.

Montana Canvas tents use 10-ounce canvas in the construction and it offers large dimensions with a 12’ x 14’ floor area.

It’s rated to sleep up to 10 people and it comes with an included stove jack for winter camping.

This tent also has a storm flap over the door and the canvas side walls are fully treated for added weather resistance. 

CONCLUSION: What Is The Best Wall Tent?

So there you have our selections for the best wall tents for different purposes!

You have two canvas tents designed for winter use and a lightweight nylon tent that’s better for summer camping.

For the best weather resistance…

A canvas tent really makes the most sense because of its thickness and durability. But these tents also end up being much heavier than some others. So you won’t want to be moving it around and setting it up or breaking it down once every few days.

What Is The Best Wall Tent

For general camping purposes…

You should select a tent with ample floor space, a tall peak height, and maximum versatility.

And you’ll also want to know that the rain fly on top can provide a decent level of weather protection if you forget to check the weather before you drive out to the campground. 

And when you do get hit with one of those unexpected rainstorms, you’ll be glad your tent is versatile enough to turn into a wonderful lounge area for your entire group.


A high-quality wall tent from a brand like Montana Canvas, White Duck Outdoors, or Gazelle will help you stay prepared and comfortable whatever your choice of outdoor adventure!

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