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RV Trip Wizard: Travel full-time in the comfort of your home.

Charlie’s Angels Drew Barrymore said that RV life is the essence of freedom.

I bet you agree.

However, even though RV living is a great experience – it might not be for everyone.


If you want to live and know the perks of independent life. Then, be spontaneous about it!

Here’s the thing…

You’re not tied to one location when you live in an RV. You have the freedom to go wherever you want – whenever you want.

If you get tired of the weather in one place, you can pack up and go elsewhere. Plus, the beauty of the RV lifestyle is you can travel with all the comforts of your home – your RV can be your haven on the road.

And, you don’t have to pack and unpack in different hotels. No sleeping in beds that aren’t your own. You can reduce your packing list and cook food in your kitchen.

Aside from that…

RV living is also flexible. You can change your location and campground as often as possible. And spend summer by the beach and winter in the mountains.

That’s another cool thing about living in an RV. You get close and discover nature at its best while spending time with loved ones – or alone.

All that in an RV lifestyle!

Speaking of flexibility…

You see, not only RV life gives you a sense of freedom but also financial freedom. It’s more affordable than traditional housing, where you pay rent, mortgage, and bills.

Moreover, you can concentrate on what you genuinely want to spend your days – like a budget for campgrounds and fuel. And, you can try boondocking to save more. And you can cut costs on fuel by moving campgrounds less frequently or camping in places closer to each other.

All these are possible by planning your trip ahead of time.

But how?

By using RV Trip Wizard GPS App. You can easily create a simple trip and start your RV on the road.

If you’re itching to know more…

Let’s get you navigating!

What is RV Life Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard or RV life app is a trip planning resource to help you keep details and get organized to plan your future RV trips.

You can plan your route. You can pick one of the 20,000 RV parks in its database and read RV life campground reviews to help you select the perfect spot to camp.

RV Vacation Wizard makes it simpler than ever to organize an effective RV trip.

By entering your RV’s dimensions, you can avoid low clearances, incline, and even propane-restricted tunnels and bridges. You might feel less anxious while on your RV trip if you have turn-by-turn directions.


Over 57,000 points of interest are available on the app to help you find fun activities nearby. You may even enter your expenses – the fuel estimator will help you stay on budget.

It’s a great app…why?

Unlike some programs, RV Trip Wizard is compatible with both Apple and Android smartphones. Additionally, you can make plans on your computer or phone and access all the details from a mobile device.

How does RV Trip Wizard Works

RV Trip Wizard02

RV Life Trip Wizard is an incredible resource that full-time and weekend RVers enjoy using. The app has a good rating of over 15,000 reviews on the App Store.

It’s well-loved by users during adventures and helps keep track of specific RV trip details.

But how does this app work?

First, you need to download the app. Log in your credentials and set default settings.

You will be guided to input details like RV dimensions, weight, fuel type, and the size of your fuel tank.

This will help you avoid routes where your RV won’t fit and can help you plan when and where to stop for gas. You can find the nearest possible gas station at your location using the RV life app.

Once you input all details about your RV. You can now create your RV road trip, starting from your current location to your final destination (if you plan to have one).

Next, depending on where you want to go…

You can mark different locations between your starting and final locations. For example, stop by if you want to visit a relative or a friend’s house.

You can also set your trip radius for the maximum amount of daily travel you want to accomplish. It will suggest which locations you should stay to avoid exceeding that limit.

You can also look for individual campgrounds and any stops along your trip.

You can hop in your RV and open the RV Life Trip Wizard App, and this will help you know the turn-by-turn directions on RV safe routes.

How much does RV Trip Wizard Cost

RV Trip Wizard

RV trip is reasonably priced!

You only have to pay a $59 annual subscription RV Life Pro membership for the full RV life trip planning tools. The annual subscription also comes with a 7-day FREE trial. On the other hand, the monthly subscription is $19.99 and does not include the trial.

You can get a much better deal with the annual subscription, though – save less than $5 per month. If you know what I mean, you can save that for fuel or other RV expenses.

Honestly, all tools included are worth your buck. That’s why I don’t hesitate to subscribe to this app ‘cause it’s definitely worth it!

As someone who loves to travel in an RV, it’s great to hit the road spontaneously with only maps and be surprised with the destination.

So, planning wasn’t really my style. But…

When RV LIFE Trip (formerly RV Trip Wizard), all that “planning wasn’t my style’ is gone. I was completely sold on the RV GPS app, RV maintenance tracker, and all that planning features actually help my travel more exciting and magical.

Of course, even if I use the RV Life Trip Wizard, I still sometimes do RV trips spontaneously.

However, using the RV life app…

You get an RV-safe GPS routing and robust planning trip software on your mobile device. If you struggle to stay organized or want the most out of your road trip, the app can help you with that.

The software is easy to use and a breeze for all RV vacations. So, this app is your next best buddy for those who want to improve organizational skills while on the road – and, of course, find campgrounds!


RV Trip Wizard is bundled into a suite of tools called RV Life Pro. You can now get 4 tools for one very reasonable annual payment.


Whether or not to take the leap and live full-time in an RV is a big decision. You want to ensure you have all the lifestyle information and weigh all your options.

You would also want to know the benefits and obstacles of traveling in different RVs. Like a travel trailer or fifth wheel full-time looks slightly different from living in a motorhome.

RV Trip Wizard vs The Dyrt (Pros and Cons)

If you’re wondering if you’re app has the best RV trip planning tools…

Let’s compare RV Trip Wizard and The Dyrt to know which works best for you.

RV Trip Wizard

In an RV Trip Wizard App…

The first thing you need to do is click the button – New Trip and name it whatever you want. Let’s say our starting trip is Lone Rock Campground.

RV Trip Wizard will take you to the next screen, which allows you to set up your trip based on your personal settings and the size of your RV.

Start on the general tab and add any notes. Then you were to put your RV details like height, length, the weight of your RV, and if you’re carrying propane or not.

Of course, you can also add your fuel information.

This is important because this will tell Trip Wizard how to route you based on the information you input on the app.

RV Trip Wizard

Aside from that…

You can decide how you want RV Trip to route you. You can do so if you want to avoid ferries, trolls, or tunnels. And how far do you wanna drive?

RV Trip Wizard app allows you to either put in your average driving speed or will use the posted speeds for your estimated time.

If you want…

You can also add a radius to your map to decide how far you want to drive and look for campgrounds within that radius.


They have another feature for expenses which you can add if you want.

After you have input all your details. You can save your trip settings.

What will happen now?

The app will show it on the map if you search for your initial destination. There, you will find all the details about the campground, like basic information, the features a specific campground offers, dump stations, and WiFi connectivity.

Thus, everything will show up which services will be available at the campground.

RV Trip Wizard

If you’re on the fence…

Don’t worry! The app can also find reviews, tips, Q&A, and weather information.

Now, if you decide that you want to go to your chosen campground. Hit the button – Add to your trip and input how many nights you will stay there.

From there, you can go ahead and search for your next campground. Fortunately, there are a lot of filters within RV Trip Wizard to help you find your next campground.

In the app, you can see “rings,” also called driving rings. If you want to find out where your next campground would be, you can do that all within the filters.

You will find at the right bottom corner a button – Add filters. You can choose a park type where you can choose forestry, military, city park, etc.

RV Trip Wizard

After you choose the specific filters that you would like…

You can start checking out your next campground and reserve your spot, which will be added to your itinerary.

You can also search for addresses if you’re staying at a Harvest Host or Boondockers Welcome.

And this is a nifty feature of the app…

You can put a location you’re going to in ay time. You can also add an itinerary scheduled for months and lock it. The app will show the available nights for you to plan before you go to your locked schedule camping spot, which will happen months later.

Overall, it’s simple to plan a trip using the RV Trip Wizard app.

RV Trip Wizard

On the other hand…

To plan a trip with The Dyrt, go to their app. Click the button – Go Camping and select Plan a Trip.

It will ask you also where you want to start your trip.

Waypoints are one of the things that RV Trip Wizard does not require when you’re planning a trip. So, people who don’t plan much prefer this app.


If you’re someone who plans their entire RV trip, waypoints won’t be a problem which you can do using The Dyrt.

For the next step…

You’re gonna input details like what kind of vehicle you’re driving, fuel type, average MPG, length, and height, mostly similar to RV Trip Wizard.

If you don’t want The Dyrt to start with a recommendation trip. You can opt to select “start with a blank trip.”

After which, you can hit – the build my trip button.

RV Trip Wizard

What about The Dyrt features?

The Dyrt is known for its backcountry campsites. So, it has a ton of hike-in and disperses really cool campsites!

It also has specific for your campground. You can choose hookups, propane restrictions, gas stations, and specific dump stations – or if you need electric or air quality.

There are also features to filter campgrounds like in RV Trip Wizard.


You will notice that The Dyrt has listed two campgrounds while RV Trip Wizard only had one. If you wanna make reservations, it would separate those for you.

But if you want to see if these specific amenities differ per campground, you’ll be able to tell that better using The Dyrt app.

They do have pictures and a summary like in the Trip Wizard. Your wifi connection, site types, what features it had, and then the amenities. Plus, they also have tons of reviews, which is cool for you to know the things you need to know before you camp there.

Of course, they also have GPS coordinates and a map. Adding a location to your trip is also simple and has never been easy.

Unfortunately, if you’re staying at harvest, hosts stops, or boondockers welcome…

You cannot put those addresses on the Dyrt because it will only take campgrounds and won’t take specific addresses. So, if you’re driveway surfing, you will not be able to add that to your trip.

Each of the apps requires a membership, of course.

RV Trip Wizard is a part of RV Life with tons of tools that will be available once you become a member.

One of their tools is campground reviews, where you can just type the campground ad that will show you other reviews with that campsite.

Suppose you’re in RV Trip Wizard and want to check reviews from there. In that case, you can hit reviews and click for more details, which will automatically take you to Campground Reviews.

You don’t actually have to open a different tab open.

They also have another feature, maintain my RV. This is where you can punch in all information about your RV and will give your reminders and tell you what maintenance is due monthly, quarterly, or annually.

It’s a great reminder to make sure you’re on top of things.

RV Trip Wizard

Now some benefits of The Dyrt…

If you upgrade to their membership, you can save on camping because they have discounts on quite a few campgrounds in a few countries.

They also have gear discounts, so they teamed up with a few companies if you need camping gear. You get a percentage if you purchase from those companies.

I love the layers The Dyrt provides. You can see that each one has its own color map layers. You’ll instantly be able to tell where this land is and where you can probably get good dispersed camping.

Another cool thing about RV Life Trip Wizard is RV safe route GPs which can route you depending on the size of your rig.

If you plan to use the GPS directions, go to the bottom, profile, account settings, and input RV-specific height and weight.

To the Dyrt…

You can see that they’re recommending campgrounds. You will have all the information, and pull the trips you created using your laptop. Plus, you can download it in case you lose your wifi.

You can also use Google Maps and export your location details on your phone. But, don’t use Google Maps for your mapping because you could get into bad situations like the bridge that can’t hold your weight, hit a low bridge, or make you do a u-turn.

So if any of that can be an issue for touring RV, make sure to not use Google Maps.

Pros And Cons Of RV Lifestyle

RV Trip Wizard

Like any other living situation, RV life, without question, also comes with pros and cons. If you’re someone who wants to start your life in your RV…

You need a strong desire to travel and deal with the bumps, ups, and downs on the road – literally and figuratively.

Here are some things you might want to keep and mind and consider.

Pros of RV life

Unlimited adventure: Living in an RV means exploring all parts of your country.

Quality time with family and friends: You get to visit friends and relatives across the country, and you can park near them so that you get to spend more quality time with them.

Traveling with your home: RV is your mobile home. It has all you need – kitchen, toilet, bed, television, and you can name a few. You don’t need to pack and worry about what to bring; you will just drive and enjoy a road trip.

Pets can travel with you: Your pet buddy can come with you instead of living with your neighbor or alone in the house. They, too, enjoy nature at its best – and they could also meet new friends on the road.

Fewer household chores:  Since RV life is living like a minimalist…Then, cleaning will be a breeze and won’t take you more than one hour. You don’t have to mow or do weeding since you don’t have a yard. So, you have more time to explore and relax at your chosen campground.

You can work looking at a wonderful view: You don’t have to go to cafes with a good ambiance to work and study. Living in an RV would give you the perks of wonderful scenery while you earn money.

Cons of RV life

Maintenance: You might encounter many issues living in an RV, like flat tires, defective gas alarms, and other RV repairs. It’s a challenge whether you do it or hire a professional. So, you’ll be able to DIY learn to fix such issues.

Missing friends and family: Since you don’t stay in one place for a long time, you will often meet new people or strangers. So, quality time with friends, or you might miss if there’s a scheduled gathering.

Difficulty in finding service providers: Most RVers have difficulty locating a good doctor, veterinarian, gas station, or even a salon.

That’s why…

RV Life Trip Wizard is an app that will help you to plan trips, campgrounds, and other points of interest.

If you stop in an area, you suddenly think you need a haircut, you can just search through the app for the nearest salon in your area.

Complex budgeting: Budgeting will always be complex for any household – particularly for RVers. It’s a challenge to budget daily, especially when the cost of fuel doubles in certain parts of the country and campground fees differ in each state.

So, evaluating the budget needs to be done monthly to keep track of expenses.

RV Life Trip Wizard App also helps in budgeting because it will give you a specific budget to spend on your RV trip and will find the best campground depending on your budget.

RV life app is key!

Dumping your waste: Living minimalist doesn’t mean you won’t deal with waste. So, before moving into an RV, learn about tank maintenance to ensure you avoid smelly disasters.

Conclusion: RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard

RV Trip Wizard is a part of RV Life with tons of tools that will be available once you become a member.

One of their tools is campground reviews, where you can type the campground ad and show you other reviews with that campsite.


If you’re in RV Trip Wizard and want to check reviews from there, you can hit reviews and more details, which will automatically take you to Campground Reviews.

They also have another feature, Maintain My RV. This is where you can punch in all information about your RV and will give your reminders and tell you what maintenance is due monthly, quarterly, or annually.

So, whether you’re a full-time RVer or weekend RVers…you can depend on RV Trip Wizard App!

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