Top 11 Best Small Motorhomes 2024

11 Best Small Motorhomes FI

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This is the Ultimate TopNotch review of the Top 11 Best Small Motorhomes.

Are you looking for the best small motorhome?

Then you’re in the right place, as we don’t only review but we try them all out, just so you won’t have to.

Okay, so most people think … 

How do I move from one location to another seamlessly without breaking the bank? Or …

How do I get the most out of my trips? 

You see…

There are many ways you can explore the world around you, but hopping on an airplane could be too expensive for most of us. 

Instead, why not try a different way this time? 

Actually, why not pick a small motorhome? 

Think about it: 

Motorhomes are a complete package. 

They come with bunk beds, toilets, vinyl flooring, a floor plan, and LOADS of storage space.

They’re also equipped with a fully functional kitchen! 

All of these features were made and built to mimic a homey comfort so you’d feel just like you’re in your own home, but with an added thrill of being outdoors and closer to adventure, as well!

If that’s not enough to get you interested… 

It turns out, there are actually plenty of trailers out there that you can easily purchase and can give you the best of both worlds…

And they’re not even THAT expensive. 

So, if you’re finally taking the plunge and considering a vehicle that can carry your entire family or squad on to a great adventure, then you should check out this list I have for you.   

We have 11 motorhome recommendations for you to peruse – with all the information you need before investing in a big-time camper. 

Just take note…

There’s no bluff here. All of the products in this review were tried and tested by our team, spending several days, and even weeks outside and on the road just to be able to get accurate results and fair comparisons. 

Now, remember as well that full-time heavy-duty motorhomes may vary depending on your needs, so you may need to consider the best option according to your interests and mode of use. 

Let’s get this show on the road!

Here are the list of Top 11 Best Small Motorhomes

1. Jayco Melbourne

Jayco Melbourne

Finding the value of a used trailer can be a painful process…

So, most people look to the Kelley Blue Book as a reliable information source.

The Kelley Blue Book used to publish their own RV listings.

Unfortunately, they now only publish an automobile edition.

But on the brighter side…

There are alternative websites that you can use for RV listings…

Want to know more?

Buckle up…

2. Coachmen Freelander Class C

Coachmen Freelander Class C

Up next on the number two spot…

We have the visually stunning Coachland Freelander Class C motorhome.

This sleeper with the Triton V10 engine boasts incredible Bilstein front shocks for superior handling and stability control as an anti-skid safety feature that really got us hooked through and through.

Let’s not forget the heavy-duty stabilizer bars that are great aids for making those annoying tight corners.

Besides that, its camping enhancements are nothing to be laughed out of court! 

With a full-length patio complete with an awning and LED lights, an LP QuickConnect Line, Solar Port Connection, and an exterior warehouse storage compartment…

… this can’t get any better than this.

This Class C RV is a great option to consider even if you pull it up in a parking space or a campground. 

It gave us the freedom to enjoy the outdoors while still being in the homey comforts that we were looking for in a home on wheels and we were satisfied. 

What’s more…

The best thing about this Class C small motorhome is its capacity to accommodate a bigger party compared to other motor homes on this list. 

So, your long-awaited trip can still be sweet if you’re going as a group of four or more people.  

It has two residential beds, oversized dinettes, and a sizeable cab-over area. 

Squeezing five people in is a doddle! 

This RV also has maximum Fresh Water Capacity and Superior cooling skills with insulated and sealed ducting for substantial mold and condensation resistance! 

Suffice to say, we didn’t have to sacrifice a great meal just to get on the road together.

Take note that this vehicle also has various floor plans available, which could also affect the price. 

The upside? There’s plenty of options to choose from!

3. Thor Chateau Class C

Thor Chateau Class C


We’re getting to one of the crowd favorites in this list… The Thor Chateau Class C motorhome.

After taking this on the road for a week, I can confidently say that this bad boy is every campers’ dream transpo. 

The brand says so themselves, “To achieve endless bliss, just turn the key.” 

While that sounds a bit too cliche, Thor does hold the other end of the bargain. You get not only an excellent deal but ultimate comfort as well. 

There are two options to getting whereever you wanna go: 

Either you drive with a Ford® Class C RV boasting a 7.3 liter V-8 engine with 350 horsepower and 468 lb.-ft. of torque or a classy Chevy 6 liter V-8 engine with 323 horsepower and 373lb.-ft. of torque on display. 

The Thor Chateau Class C didn’t disappoint us. 

It comes with a luxury floorplan filled with unique and surprising perks on the inside. 

Bedroom options include Twin-to-King conversion beds, Queen beds, or King-size beds. 

As if that’s not enough …  

The Thor Chateau is complete with High-Sheen Cabinetry, a power bath set, and a heavy-duty kitchen! 

This model is the sort that you would go just about anywhere with – even bringing with your furry pets along won’t be a hassle!

Its easy-to-clean vinyl flooring and leatherette seating also amazingly gave us the helping hand we needed.

By far a fave! 

4. Coachmen Leprechaun Class C

Coachmen Leprechaun Class C

Now, here’s a case I want you to consider… 

If you have five or so family members –  and you want to take them with you on your next camping trip, what’s the first option that enters your head? 

A bus? A van? …. An airplane, perhaps? 

Those are all great, but … 

Have you considered RV motorhomes for the job? 

Yes, you read that right … 

So, what does this particular Class C RV have for a person and lifestyle like yours? Well … 

The Coachmen Leprechaun Class C RV can carry more than five people in the motor home.

This diesel motorhome has a large seating area where you can lounge around – complete with a floorplan so gorgeous; you’ll want to buy one right away. 

Here’s where it gets even more interesting … 

Since there’s not only one floorplan but a ton to chose from, you can surely find one that best fits your interest regardless if you are taking your entire family or a friend or two. 

Let’s have look at the 319MB – FORD 450 FLOORPLAN. 

It features a 60×80 Queen sized bed, a 44×82 U-Dinette, and a 63-inch sofa that you can get with additional optional recliners.

It’s the better stuff you can get in RVs that the Coachmen motorhome team prides itself on. 

There’s also a 57×95 bunk upon entry as well as a fully functional kitchen and bathroom – and best of all, an outside entertainment center! 

They offer everything better, from Aluminum framed floors to sidewalls built with Azdel Superlite.

With its Azdel Composite Sidewalls and Crossflex roofmaterial, it’s no wonder that the Coachmen RV is the only manufacturer that is a Ford QVM Certified chassis modifier in Elkhart.

And just like the Coachman Freelander, the Leprechaun gives you the plush, luxury ride everyone goes plain crazy for.

5. Thor Four Winds Class C Motorcoach

Thor Four Winds Class C Motorcoach

Okay, Here’s another Thor vehicle that made it to our ultimate list. 

This beautiful Four Winds Class C small RV from the Thor dealer is another high-quality camper with luxury features. 

One of the most significant advantages you can get out of this vehicle as an owner is its mobility

This super C is nothing compared to others out there because it doesn’t have just one floorplan – it has a LOT! 

Get a load of this…

Thor Four Winds is an able-bodied motorhome that features a cab-over bunk design with excellent storage space as well as laminated kitchen tops and Denver Mattress Beds. 

On the outside, you’ll be pleased with the optional HD-MAX graphics package, power windows, LED lighting, and a powered patio awning, among many others! 

So, what do these mean for you? 

That means you get a lovely Class C motorhome with lots of storage, beautiful interior design elements, a bedroom display, and top-of-the-line kitchen appliances – with gas! 

The 27R floorplan in particular is powered by a 7.3L Ford V8 engine with an 8,000 lb. hitch. The RV is also constructed with a welded tubular aluminum roof. 

There’s a 39-inch TV on a hinge, a 71-inch Dinette partnered with a 68-inch jack-knife sofa. 

Aside from that…

It also has a flip-up countertop and a three-burner cooktop – and who could forget to mention the RV’s King-sized bed and Winegard ConnecT 2.0 that acts as your TV antenna, 4G hotspot, and, WiFi router!

As campers, you get to enjoy the great outdoors around North America with no limits in Class C RVs with different amazing floor plans. 

6. Forester Class C

Forester Class C

We have made it through the first few RVs on this list.

And we’ve gathered that most of them surprisingly packs a punch.

Now, you might be wondering ….

What about even smaller RVs that pack only just the right amount of people? Are there any? 

Yes, there are – and the Forester Class C is one of them. 

This class C motorhome is a little tighter in terms of space, but it can still be dependable in terms of full-time mobility. 

You can just take a look at the two other floor plans available with the appropriate space requirement for your camping taste and needs. 

Like the other class, C RVs mentioned earlier…

… this one also has some high-end appliances available for your cooking needs like the oh so unique Dream dinette, Blackout roller shades, and a 12V LED flat panel adjustable side TV.

Let’s not forget…

The bedroom found at the back of the motorhome is a beautiful bedspread with an upgraded mattress. 


The exterior is made of aluminum-framed laminated sidewalls and Superlite composite substrate.

Let’s look at the Forest River Forester Class C 2151S LE floorplan for instance. 

The 2151S LE is powered by a Triton V10 engine that easily gives 305 hp and 420 ft-lbs of Torque. 

This overpowering RV and its kitchen and living area are designed with vinyl flooring that’s also equipped with a U-shaped Dinette, a 3-burner stove, and an Electrically powered refrigerator.

It’s a winner that’s built for you.

7. Roadtrek SS Agile

Roadtrek SS Agile

The Roadtrek SS Agile is a unique choice among all the motorhomes mentioned earlier. 

For starters, this small RV is attached to a Mercedes – not to a ford transit vehicle. 

If you fancy a Mercedes Sprinter chassis, then this small RV might be the best choice for you. 

You get to enjoy the comforts of a large RV in this bite-sized motorhome! 

So, here’s the deal.

This small motorhome has excellent storage space and a beautiful interior. 

It features sleek frameless windows, a Retractable power awning, an outdoor shower, and 330 watts of solar! 

And that’s not all for our small buddy here! 

The ample storage throughout this mini RV is thanks to the Rear power sofa that easily converts to a king-sized bed or twin bed(s). It also has a 24″ Smart TV on rotating bracket and a Tankless Insta hot water heater that gives an overall pizzaz! 


It boasts of a Firefly coach control system that monitors everything that’s going on for you onboard – water, propane, as well as battery charge levels.

But then again, it’s considerably smaller than all the others mentioned earlier. And it only has a single floorplan. 

Would you get it? It’s an RV worth the price for sure! 

8. Gulfstream Conquest

Gulfstream Conquest

This small RV motorhome has a lot of exciting features that you may want to look into. 

It’s small but terrible… terribly impressive! 

Naturally, it’s not only going to give you great value but comfort in the midst of luxury. 

The Gulfstream Conquest is one of those Class C RVs whose standard design showcases Roanoke Light Cherry Cabinetry and Upgraded Interior Fabrics.

It has a wide variety of floor plans you can choose from, which are great for all kinds of environments. 

It also boasts of a Soft-Touch Vinyl Jack Knife Sofa, power bath vent and skydome shower, and a Queen-sized bed.  

We also found that this Gulfstream was a great gas-saver!

The minimalistic interior look is easy on the eyes, and it’s fairly more than decent for such an affordable price!


The only downside to this camper is that it’s not nearly as high-end as all the others I have mentioned on this list. 

If you are looking for something a bit more luxurious, then just know that the gulf stream products are average looking but fully functional. 

You can go for other optional features that ups the scale, no problem, but if you don not really have that much need and requirement and you’re not taking a big throng with you on your trip, this could be your best bet. 

And a great energy saver, too!

9. Winnebago View 24J

Gulfstream Conquest

This Class C Motorhome vehicle combines economy and luxury into one small super RV. 

It can accommodate up to three people inside and makes RV living on the road a very comfortable experience for everyone.

Winnebago Industries Inc installed vinyl flooring, overhead bunk beds, lane-keeping assist, active brake assist, and the MBUX touchscreen infotainment system, allowing interactive voice interface and navigation Wi-Fi hotspot and so much more.

And you know what else? 

This diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz® Sprinter chassis is the pride of Winnebago Industries Inc. 

Jot this one down if you love the small Winnebago View! 

It’s a small camper with a whole lot of sass. 

10. Coachmen Galleria Class B

Gulfstream Conquest

Our number 10 is known to be the perfect motorhome for couples. 

But let me tell you the features and specs first. 

The Galleria Class B motorhome is built on the award-winning 3500 Mercedes Sprinter extended platform that runs on the cleanest turbo-diesel “Blue TEC” engine! 

It easily packs in 325 ft-lb of torque and uses high-end components such as the Truma Combi furnace/water heater system and Onan generator!

That’s not all there is to this beauty! 

The cabinetry is handcrafter with radius cabinet doors, custom trim, and soft-close doors and drawers! 

It brags of four different 25-foot floor plans, a Collision Avoidance Indicator, PVC vinyl wall interior, R-38 Reflective floor insulation, a Hardwood expanding table complete with cup holders, and lastly, several USB ports in the living area. 

Topnotch features for an affordable price, really. 

Aside from that, everything is packed to weigh just 8935-8882 lbs!

It’s one of those class b motorhomes that are ahead of its time. 

A few of its driving features include a multifunction steering wheel, electronic stability program, and high beam assist.

It’s a small ensemble of everything you lovebirds need! 

11. Gulf Stream Conquest Class C

Gulf Stream Conquest Class C

And the last on our list is the top-of-the-line Gulf Stream Conquest Class C Motorhome.

No. 11 is known to cater to 2 to 4 people at best with dimensions less than 25 feet. 

The standard features of this small wonder include a 6-gallon water heater with gas/electric ignition, soft pleated window shades, and a power vent and shower skylight in the bathroom! 

This might just be the perfect motorhome for you road dreamers!

For this Class C series, you’re given plenty of options to configure the small space for maximum comfort.

The C 6237 model easily fits six people if you’re with a bigger party.

If you want to stretch it out a bit more, go for the C 6256 model that is 25 ft and 1 inch that makes seven people a dream team in this motor home. 

To give you an image of how to work the math, remember that the average US length for campgrounds is 27 feet. 

Going back…

The Gulf Stream Conquest isn’t one to fade into the background for its size.

You can also choose from 12 different camper floor plans for the Gulf to suit your lifestyle and preferences. 

Impressive, right? 

The interior features luxury fabric and Roanoke Light Cherry woodwork on the cabinets. It has a two-way double door refrigerator and LED lighting plus an oven with a 3-burner range complete with its own vent hood.

It’s a vehicle with some great value that’s for sure! 

The posterior boasts an EPDM Rubber roof, a welded aluminum frame, basement storage, and a convertible slideout room.

It’s pretty neat if I say so myself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best small Class C Motorhome?

Gulf Stream Conquest 6237.

What are the worst RV Brands?

Fleetwood and Hurricane

Is it cheaper to RV or stay in hotels?

RV fares better in terms of costs and trips.

Which RV is best for Full-time living?

Newmar Dutch Star.

Conclusion: 11 Best Small Motorhomes

And that’s about it for today’s ranking of the Top 11 Best Small Motorhomes.

Some might have been too much for your tastes, while others fit just right.

Just always keep in mind that preparation is the key to the perfect RV Life in the camping world. 

And one thing is for sure – any motor homes on the list are better than a used RV.

Being all about fun and adventure means you’re getting the most of your time on the road.

Don’t forget: There’s a fine line between making a home and making a mess, so make sure to plan it out okay!  

I hope you got all the information you need to give you confidence in choosing your own motor home. We know that it’s a big move and no one wants to buy something this great feeling unprepared. 

Leave a comment below and tell us what you think. I’m sure at least one of them caught your attention with their sassy and classy features.

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