8 Best Small Pull Behind Campers 2024

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Pull Behind Campers: Many gear, equipment, and vehicles keep popping up in the camping world. It’s getting harder and harder to cope.

We understand why you need your fellow outdoorsy friends for some advice. Yes – I’m talking about me. I’m your outdoorsy friend!

And for today’s top list…

Let’s talk about the best pull-behind campers (AKA towable travel trailers) on the market. And that includes:

  • Their specs, special features, pros, and cons;
  • Our first-hand experiences about their convenience, comfortability, and durability;
  • Why or why not they’re worth your money; and
  • Lots more!

We have several teardrop trailer options. But there are other RV or travel trailer types to choose from.

So start it up!

Let’s drive on…


Pull Behind Campers


If you’re planning to take yourself to your own adventures with all of your stuff – and I mean all of them – in tow and within easy access…

…that’s Overlanding.

Pull-Behind Camper

This vehicle has many names. It’s also called a travel trailer, camper trailer, and RV.

Whatever you want to call it…

As long as it’s a liveable vehicle that you can tow behind an SUV, truck, or other big cars – then that’s what we’re talking about.

Travel trailers should have enough living space for people and enough interior storage for camping needs.

They differ from pop-up campers in the sense that they’re more rigid. The materials used for a travel trailer are more sturdy and durable. They’re designed for living outdoors for days to weeks on end.

And now…

The RV industry has evolved into making their travel trailers look like mobile hotel suites. There are just so many features to choose from!

What to look out for in pull-behind campers:

Sometimes, we call it overland camping. And for that, you need an overland camper (AKA off-road trailer or camping trailer).

But you already know that, don’t you? What you don’t know is what trailer or camper would give you the best overland experience.

Overland Campers

Outdoor enthusiasts look for different things…

Enough storage space is the most important thing for some. Still, for others, it’s a convenience and homey feeling that the travel trailers give.

Some prefer small campers. Others opt for a lightweight travel trailer regardless of the size.

Most of my friends – including myself – are particular about electric brakes, tow capacity, stability, and other driving-related things.


No matter how good your tow vehicle – or your driving – is, your camping experience will still depend on the quality of your travel trailer.

The classic standards should still be there. This means it should be durable, easy to set up, easy to clean, and weatherproof.

Whatever you’re looking for…

We have details on this top list. We’ve either bought or tested each travel trailer you’ll find here.

You better not miss it out on your next adventure…

1. Droplet XL

Why don’t we start with the teardrop trailer? It’s one of the most famous styles of travel trailers you’ll ever see.

But the Droplet XL is designed to be lightweight without compromising size and storage space. It weighs 1050 pounds, even lighter than the usual small trailer.

And it even has more interior storage capacity than its heavier counterparts!

Don’t judge too quickly…

You may think a lightweight travel trailer isn’t that durable or comfortable in cold weather. They have that reputation if I’m being honest.

But the Droplet XL still got around that. It’s made of high-technology laminate materials that survived years of rain, sun, and other outdoor elements we subjected it to.

And unlike other travel trailers, the Droplet XL isn’t held together by screws that rust and loosen up. They used high-strength adhesives that you’ll usually find in houses.


Droplet XL’s clever design makes it more insulated, vibration-absorbent, weatherproof, and durable. The wear and tear of constant use had no say against our XL!

Usually, the trailer’s looks turn us off when we see such quality. But not this guy… Its overall style and design will make you a happier camper than you ever were.

And the best part is…

The Droplet XL isn’t even that expensive! I’m guessing that’s why my wife loves this camper so much…

2. Meaner Bean

Overland Campers

Since we can’t get enough teardrop trailers, here’s Meaner Bean! But this one’s priced just a little bit higher.

It weighs a bit heavier too – 2000 pounds of dry weight. If that’s not a problem with your towing capacity, you’ll love this camper!

It’s not called “premium” for no reason…

Its Timbren independent suspension system makes it more durable and balanced. It’s easier to drive than most small campers.

The overall construction is also sturdy. I’m particularly impressed by its fiberglass fenders. Sometimes, we’d meet a few bumps on the road, but they never damaged our Bean.


Meaner Bean only has 17 inches of ground clearance, which isn’t that high for the road conditions that my family always goes to. It’s one of the reasons that I looked for another travel trailer.

But it’s also one of the reasons that my buddy bought my Meaner Bean. He said it was more stable on the road. So, it’s a matter of preference.


You’ll forget about that when you look inside. The Meaner Bean is like a mini hotel room you can take anywhere!

Its bed is convertible to a dining area. It has durable cabinets, a fridge rack-out, washable storage, a hot and cold water sink, and many other premium features.

The roof rack with a side-mounted bracket was one of my favorites. It adds storage for the kids’ bikes and other stuff.

And my family loved its little details…

The touch-controlled lighting system, fold-away faucet, paper towel dispenser, etc. It’s almost endless!

We haven’t tried the Mean Bean (the earlier model), but we could tell this was a long way from that.

If you have a family, they deserve a treat like this. But if you don’t, well, you deserve it too!

3. Little Guy Mini Max

Overland Campers

If you’ve ever had the chance to try the old Mini Max model, you’d be familiar with this new one. It’s the same in almost everything.

The Little Guy Mini Max’s dry weight is 2320 pounds, and its dimensions are around 5.18 x 1.83 x 2.74 meters. So imagine the old model, only smaller and lighter.

But if you have no idea about this small trailer…

You should, or else you’ll miss out on its excellent qualities. I’m particularly impressed with its wet bath. It’s like showering in my own home!

It also has an air conditioner or furnace, whatever you need for the weather. And my kids loved the entertainment system.

This travel trailer is made for comfort.

That’s why…

We were reluctant to let this one go. But it’s less than six feet tall, so I’ve bumped my head more than once here. And the family was expanding, so we needed something bigger.

But if you’re looking for something for easy towing, the Little Guy Mini Max might be for you. We had no problems dragging this around in our mid-sized SUV.

A small SUV or a crossover – with the proper hitch equipment – are good options too.

4. Earth Traveler T250LX: 298 lbs.

Overland Campers

This teardrop trailer falls in the middle of the price range. I have no complaints about that.

It’s made of Kevlar, carbon fiber, and Corecell, and they’re all durable yet light materials. So the whole Earth Traveler T2500LX weighs only 298 pounds.

That’s why…

It’s super easy to tow and drive off-road. You’d think it’s unstable, but I found it sturdy and balanced even on bumpy rides.

Only, you have to manage your expectations. It’s not as firm as the heavier travel trailers I’ve towed. And I’ve had my Earth Traveler repaired several times after beating it up on week-long trips.

But it can carry up to 1200 pounds of storage. You’ll not often see a lightweight travel trailer with that much capacity.


You can add as many amenities as you can. Kitchen, bunk beds, cooler, etc. Its Timbren axle-less suspension can take it!

My kids aren’t the tiniest of pre-teens in the neighborhood. And my wife wants a complete outdoor kitchen experience whether or not she needs it. So this feature is a huge plus for us.


We ran out of space when the kids got even older. That’s why we had to upgrade.

If you only need space for two adults and two kids… Or if you think that 3.4 x 3.4 x 2.2 meters interior space is just right for you, then, by all means, get an Earth Traveler!

5. Airstream Classic Smart Trailer

Overland Campers

I’d recommend the Airstream Classic Smart RV for those looking for luxury.

My wife and I wanted small trailers, so we weren’t considering buying this. But it’s too good not to mention.

Keep in mind, though…

The Airstream is expensive. It’s also huge and heavy, so you must be ready for those before committing to this trailer.

But trust me, it’s worth it!


It’s a literal home away from home. Or you can say a small apartment that you can take anywhere!

There’s no need to add much because it already has a kitchen and dining area. There’s a lounge area and bathroom too.

You’ll also find a bedroom that can fit a queen mattress or king-sized bed! Its 9.44 x 2.4 meters floor plan and layout give ample storage and accommodation.

And if you’re tall, don’t worry about bumping your head. Airstream’s interior height can allow you to stand up fully.

Moving on from the looks…

Airstream’s specs are also impressive.

It has three separate water tanks – 54 gallons for fresh, 37 for gray, and 39 for black water. All-in-all, the Airstream weighs 7900 pounds. And you can add 2100 pounds more.


There’s a flush in the bathroom, a fridge, cable TV hook-up, and many other smart features. Don’t worry about the energy consumption because you can take some of that from the solar panels.

This is fit for any weather, too, because its A/C-slash-furnace is adjustable. I thought I could practically live with my family here.

And this RV is mostly made of aluminum. So, you can be sure about its durability too.


The Airstream Classic Smart RV has lots of other pros. I can’t squeeze everything into this short article. But rest assured…

This is the perfect RV if you want maximum comfort and class while enjoying the outdoors.

6. Casita Liberty

Overland Campers

The Casita Liberty may not be a small camper, but it’s considered a small RV. It is about 5.2 x 2.4 x 1.8 meters, weighing around 2480 pounds.

It’s standard size, and the price is just right. But it caught our attention because of its panoramic windows. It gives ample ventilation, natural lighting, and a great view.

But that’s not all…

Casita Liberty’s floor plan is very efficient. It has everything you need – much like the Airstream – only with less expensive materials and a less luxurious design.

Still, it’s more durable than other expensive trailers I’ve tried. And the interior is so comfortable with enough space for a small family – or your circle of friends.

Once again…

I only tried to drive this beauty. I didn’t buy it because it’s not the size my wife and I agreed about.

But in just a few minutes of towing this RV behind my SUV, I immediately knew it would be a great home-away-from-home.

Why is that?

Casita Liberty is pretty stable in the off-roads for a lightweight travel trailer or RV. It felt like I was driving small trucks instead of having a mobile cabin in tow.

The Liberty survived every bend, bump, and slope that we encountered.

One of my friends owns a Casita Liberty and swore by it. And I don’t doubt a word he said after the test drive.


If you’re into smaller travel trailers with almost everything you need, the Casitas Liberty will be a great purchase for you.

7. nuCamp Tab 400

Overland Campers

The dealer I talked to about the nuCamp Tab 400 had many sentiments. She said that buyers take one look at this small camper and walk away.

Good thing…

I gave it a chance, and I was surprised to see how such a small thing could give me so much! Although, you can buy a bigger RV for the price of this small one.

But pull-behind campers of this size have their advantages.


You don’t have to worry about towing capacity because your vehicle can most likely pull this one behind. It’s only 2864 pounds of dry weight!

Also, its dimensions are 5.6 x 2.3 x 2.6 meters. It’s easy enough to maneuver but also stable even when driving off-road.

Not only that…

This nuCamp travel trailer has a 22-gallon freshwater capacity. Then there are 18 gallons for gray and 12 gallons for black water.

No need to replenish or clean up now and then. It’s more than enough space for a weekend or so.

But on top of all…

The nuCamp Tab 400 interior space is arranged so efficiently despite the small size. I thought there wasn’t a single spot wasted!

There’s a comfortable bed, a wet bath, a standing shower, and a toilet. The manufacturer also managed to squeeze a fold-away sink.


The nuCamp Tab 400’s wet weight is around 3133 pounds. But that includes all the amenities, two batteries, full tanks for the propane heater, a spare tire, and a full water tank.

It’s a solid and convenient if small, pull-behind camper. I would’ve taken it if it weren’t for my growing family.


I’d recommend this for solo travelers who don’t need much space. But it also has room for a small family or a small gang.

8. Braxton Creek Bushwhacker 10FB

Overland Campers

We still haven’t run out of teardrop trailers, so here’s another one! But the Braxton Creek Bushwhacker isn’t exactly like the others.

For one, it has two doors for dual entry. That’s an advantage if you have two or so hyperactive sons.

But that’s not all…

There’s a 10HD model and this 10FB model. They have different interior space layouts. And we chose the 10FB because it’s more compact and efficient.

But both versions have impressive kitchen sets. It has a sink, two burners, and a large cooler. These are in the exterior hatch that folds in if you’re still on the road.

As for its other features…

The A/C unit is great for summer camping. But it doesn’t have a heater or furnace for when you want to go out in the winter. Although, it’s easy enough to install.

You’ll find a roof rack for easy storage of bikes and other large gear. And there’s a roof vent for better ventilation.

And my kids loved the built-in Bluetooth speakers. It kept them entertained most of the time.

And for me…

It was the sturdy build and stable drive of the whole travel trailer. The camper comes with extendable stabilizer jacks too. They’ve successfully prevented near-accidents during our trips.

We’ve taken our Bushwhacker to slopey, bumpy, and rocky terrain. And it’s still intact and never had any major damage.

We only had to let this small camper go because the family was expanding. And we wanted extra living space for some company.

All things considered…

If small travel trailers are your thing, this is a great option.

We bought our Bushwhacker as a new RV, but it’s almost the same price as a used car. It’s quite the steal!

Conclusion: Pull Behind Campers

Overland Campers

Big and small campers alike can give you the best camping trips. But they should have the right features and amenities for you and your family’s specific needs.

But of course…

It won’t be complete without the right camping gear, tools, and equipment! Along with choosing the perfect trailer or camper, you should also have the best mattress, boots, cookware, etc.

If you need some advice on those, we know the best ones too! And much more… So, what are you waiting for?

Your weekend getaways are about to get better!

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