5 Best Black Series Campers [Updated 2024]

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Black Series Camper: If you’re done with the average camper and are ready to take it up a notch with a more luxurious home like experience  while camping, maybe it’s high time to switch to a Black Series camper.

One of the Black Series campers’ standard features is the outdoor and indoor kitchens. It’s always recommendable to cook outside if you’re camping, of course, but in case the weather’s not good, there’s always the aesthetically-pleasing indoor kitchen to run to.

They also have fridges and freezers, microwaves, ovens, and of course, stoves. Now, that’s even more appliances than a bachelor pad!

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.

There’s still the bedrooms, shower areas, and dinettes to check out.

We tested these homes on wheels so that you won’t have to. Keep on reading to see what fits your travel needs!

1. HQ21 Travel Trailer

Starting the list with a bang is the HQ21, which perfectly embodies the luxury and ease of outdoor living that Black Series is all about.

The HQ21 camper is one of the highly anticipated off road campers of 2021, thanks to its myriad of features that even surpass the experience of being in a hotel room.

At first glance…

…you wouldn’t say that it’s an off road  travel trailer. The interior looks so laidback and easy, as well as its good-looking black and white exterior to be rough enough for rough terrains. But in reality, it’s made to withstand the roughest roads of Australia (and later on, American roads)

Black Series Camper

Starting with the highlight of the show (at least for us), there is the dinette area. It’s a dinette, but it became more of a lounge area where we played cards and watched movies for us.

This area is surrounded by four couches with a center padded area as the center. This seating area is so well-designed that it’s able to fit six of us comfortably.

And that’s not all.

For dining mode, you can remove the padded center seating that will reveal a table that’s around the size of a coffee table. It has pleasing aesthetics, so props to that.

At the center of the table, there’s a button that you can press to lower or raise the height of the table. Ultimate convenience!

And it doesn’t end there. You can also remove the pads of the benches to reveal massive storage space. It was so large that we used it to store our swimming and sporting gear with more room left to spare.

Another padded bench revealed a battery center, and the other one the 2000-watt inverter.

On the opposite wall is the television with outlets and a USB plug beside it.

In case you’re wondering…

…I also thought it was going to be an issue, but the distance of the TV to the watchers proved to be just enough. Not too close.

Aside from the TV, you also have a radio and speakers with controls so you can switch between indoor and outdoor speakers.

Perfect for camping parties at night!

Aside from these wonders, we also had more cabinets around the room, as well as the inverter switch.

What’s cooler is the cabinets are so deep that we’re able to fit a lot of things inside. It’s literally like bringing your whole home with you. This is perfect, even more so if you have children with you.

Also, the plugs are marine-grade, which makes them even safer for travel.

And one of the coolest things in the dinette?

It’s the window! Well, it’s not just your average window, not for Black Series Campers.

The windows on the dinette were very well-thought-out. For one, it’s made to be so big that aside from having the perfect view while hanging out in the room, you can also use them as emergency exits.

On our first vehicle testing, every one of us tried exiting through these windows to see how we’d fit, and everyone was able to fit perfectly and exit the camper in no time.

Aside from the size, they also have red latches, so you can easily spot them in times of emergency.

Not far from the dinette…

…you’ll see an overhead vent that you can adjust so it can be completely open for fresh air or just slightly ajar. Oh, and it also has a nighttime cover if you want to completely close it.

Next to that is the speaker and the air conditioner with a fan.

Black Series Camper

In the next area, you have your small but terrific kitchen. It’s so complete that one of my teammates thought it was even more furnished than his own apartment!

We had everything we needed there and more. There’s a refrigerator, a 3-burner stove, and a microwave.

The sink and the stove have covers that look very fancy. There’s also a GFCI plug as well as three filtration systems under the sink so the water could be safe to drink.

On the opposite side is the fridge with a freezer. Around it, we had even more storage spaces and even deeper cabinets for the dishes, chips, and food supply.

To make it even homier…

…there’s a light and fan system above the stoves that you shouldn’t forget to turn on, so the smoke and smell of your cooking don’t get trapped inside the travel trailer. But anyway, you also have another big window just by the stove. I liked to open it to have a lovely view whenever I was cooking.

As for the restroom, it’s a small-looking space, but surprisingly, one of our 6-footer buddies was able to fit inside comfortably and was even able to stretch around.

It has the basics, such as a sink with a unique design and a toilet bowl.

In the next room is the shower area. It’s covered by an accordion-style door that catches the water splashes, so they go down and drain back into the shower to keep flooding at bay.

And when it’s finally time to rest…

We had a queen size bed with an adjustable nightlight above it. You can dim the light or switch to blue light.

If you want to have some privacy, all you have to do is pull out the privacy pocket door that acts more like a divider from the rest of the travel trailer.

Like in the lounge, you have another TV here if you want to relax alone. Around the bedroom, there are lots of cabinets that are big and deep enough to carry all of my clothes and bags.

And for your safety…

…the bedroom also has a smoke detector aside from the vents and a window. 

2. HQ19 Travel Trailer

Black Series Camper

The next RV is the HQ19, which is much cheaper compared to the HQ21, but man, some of its features are so unique that it can give the HQ21 a run for its money.

It’s designed to house three people comfortably and has a height of 6 feet. The tallest among us stands 6’3, and he was able to stand straight inside this Black Series camper.

The exterior is mainly made from aluminum, which makes this lightweight for pulling but still tough for rugged outdoor areas.

Entering the cabin…

…there are automatic stairs that come out with a push of a button. To be able to close the entrance, just push the button again to draw the stairs back in. this area is also designed to be easily accessible even in the pitch dark of the night.

In fact, there are lights just underneath the steps of the stairs to guide you in, even if it’s dark.

In case you’re worried about these contraptions draining your battery out, just know that the lights automatically shut off when the cabin door is closed. Once you open it, the censor will detect it, and it will automatically open the lights!

Not to mention it also made for a cool accent light for our little campsite party.

Going inside…

…the areas that are closest to the entrance are the bedroom and the kitchen area.

The bedroom gave us a queen-sized bed with a nice, thick mattress. Just like the HQ21, it has a padded headboard with a diamond-cut design that immediately gave the room a very luxurious feel.

To add to the hotel-like feel of the bedroom, there are also reading lights on either side of the bed that I used as night lights.

As usual, there are lots of cabinets lining up the edge of the walls above. They’re big enough to hold all of our clothes, clean and dirty. To add to that, there’s also a closet beside the bed along with some drawers.

And for the ultimate comfort…

…there’s a 16,000 BTU furnace just underneath the bed, along with another storage space.

Really, nothing beats being inside your home, toasty and warm while it’s drizzling outside!

On the ceiling, you have an indoor speaker, which is one of the two speakers inside this travel trailer. Aside from the speaker, there’s also a large hatch with lights and an adjustable cover. You can leave it wide open or just slightly open for just the right amount of air and sunlight.

And if you’re worried about your safety against bugs…

…this wide hatch also has a bug screen or strain so were still able to keep it open without our RV getting infested with bugs.

Now, just a few steps from the bedroom is the kitchen. Unlike the HQ21, the bedroom doesn’t have a sliding privacy divider. But it didn’t come off as a dealbreaker for us as we’ve expected to live together anyway if you’re planning to live in rugged outdoor areas.

As for the kitchen, the first thing we saw from the bedroom is the microwave. It’s hanging by the wall and has a thermostat control on its side.

Black Series Camper

Now, just under the microwave is the television. Yep, you’ve read that right.

I thought it was a bit strange at first. I also had some worries about it being so close to the microwave. But upon testing the details of the trailer out, we’re relieved to see that the two appliances didn’t actually affect each other.

Oh, and it also has a DVD player, so your movie nights are now secured!

Along the microwave, there are more cabinets and an area that houses all the controls for the series camper.

In addition to this…

…there’s also a countertop that’s satisfyingly long. At least, for a travel trailer, I thought it was already more than I expected.

Along the counter, you have your sink and two spigots. The first one is for your general water usage, and the other one is for drinking. We’re glad to know that there are actually separate tanks, hoses, and plugs for these two, so we knew we’d be drinking safe and clean water throughout our adventures.

And speaking of safe, it also has a triple filtration system, just like the HQ21.

Moving just a bit from the sink, you now have your 3-burner stove. Quite impressively, the stove is covered twice.

The first layer is a glassy covering that I don’t recommend to be used as a working area for the kitchen as it seemed kind of fragile. The top-most cover is much stronger and is of the same material as the whole counter.

Now, under the stove…

…there is an oven for your baked goods. Take note that only two Black Series travel trailers are equipped with ovens, and they’re the HQ21 and HQ19.

On the opposite side, you have the fridge and freezer along with more storage spaces.

As for the bath area, it’s pretty basic. There’s a sliding door as well as the efficient accordion-style door.

What I liked the most were the size of the shower area and the sink. The sink was real huge that it was just like the regular sink at home and not of a series camper.

And last but not least…

…the dinette/lounge area is probably the coolest highlight of this trailer.

The location is just in front of the kitchen, and the mechanisms were really impressive. At first, you’ll see a kind of padded bench with armrests facing the kitchen counter.

You can use it as a hangout place to watch TV in or just eat snacks in.

Now, remove the cushioned pads, and you’ll see a foldable table. Unlike the HQ21, this is not an automatically adjustable table. You manually unfold and adjust it. Not much work, but the finished model is impressive.

Upon revealing the table, you now have a little dining area for two or three people!

But if you really want to go into relax mode…

…just unfold the leg rest on the side of the seat, and you can now sit reclined while watching the TV.

It also has strip lighting for a cool accent light and, of course, the big and long window for the best view while you rest.

3. HQ17 Travel Trailer

The next Black Series travel trailer on our list is the HQ17. Some of its features are smaller than the first two trailers, but it has its own edge, and that is the fact that it sleeps up to 5 people.

Yes, you’ve read that right!

So to test it out, five of us went out to play and to see how comfortable this design is for five travelers.

Black Series Camper

The exterior is as sleek as Black Series travel trailers with a color scheme of black, grey, and red. Its chassis is armored to add more durability for extra bumpy rides.

Upon entering the cabin…

…the most noticeable area is the bedroom area. Just like the first two trailers on the list, it also has a queen-sized bed and an amply thick mattress. And of course, how could I forget the diamond pattern headboard that instantly turned the little room into a 5-star one?

On each side of the bed is a closet as well as touchpoint reading lights. They’re adjustable, so again, I used them as dim night lights just because they’re relaxing to the eyes.

In the middle of the bedroom’s ceiling, you have a ventilation fan just to keep the air going indoors.

And, of course, the endless cabinets for storage. But what’s cooler is that each cabinet is locked so that our things didn’t fly around the room when the trailer hit a bumpy, rough road.

Just like the HQ19…

…the heater is also located underneath the bed, and it’s also a 16,000 BTU heater that’s powered by propane.

Next to the bedroom is the kitchen area. It’s pretty similar to HQ19’s kitchen with the counter space, fridge, microwave, TV, and stove. One of the differences is how the 2-burner stove and the sink are placed beside each other, so they’re both covered by the glossy stove cover.

The drawback is that the sink is much smaller. Nevertheless, it still has two spigots for drinking and general water use.

There are also valves to adjust the temperature of your water.

The light and fan vents, along with the window, ensure good ventilation and air for your trailer as you cook. And of course, there are drawers underneath, with one specially designed for the utensils.

The AC is just near the fridge, and it can also act as a heat pump. Just remember not to use it as a heater but just something to let warm air in to remove the morning chill.

In case you’re wondering…

…the bath area is much more compact than the baths of the first two trailers. In HQ17, you only have one cubicle with a sink and a toilet. The kicker is the sink’s toilet can be drawn out to act as your showerhead!

Black Series Camper

And going to the back of the trailer, you have even more sleeping areas with two bunk beds with their own reading lights, fan, DVD player, window, and a privacy curtain.

And to complete the 5-sleeper trailer, the dining area also converts into a bench or a sleeping bed, just like in HQ19. Now, that’s five sleeping areas for you.

4. HQ15 Off Road Travel Trailer

Black Series Camper

Looking for a more modest but still luxurious camper for your small family? Then this Black Series camper HQ15 is your best bet.

The 3-sleeper camper is among the best-selling Black Series campers so far, and we think we know why.

If you’re looking for something that’s not excessively luxurious but is still better than most travel trailers, then this one is perfect. The exterior alone is made for the roughest adventures and bumpiest roads with its armored chassis construction and strong independent suspension.

Again, the exterior is mostly aluminum, so it doesn’t weigh the whole vehicle down but is still tough for the harshest roads.

Like the previous Black Series camper…

…this one also has a nice light under the step on the entryway. It also turns off once the door of your trailer closes.

On this entryway, you’ll immediately see the kitchen area. Just beside the door are the plugs on the side of the sink. Also located there are switches for the silicon heating pads for the water tanks.

The kitchen has a 3-burner stove that’s also covered with a nice glossy covering. Beside it is the sink. There’s only one faucet, but it has two spigots-as always- with one spigot for the general use water and the other for the drinking water.


…the microwave is located over the counter, and the refrigerator, which is considerably smaller than the fridges of the previous trailers on this list, is located just under the stove.

I actually like how compact and creatively designed everything is. They just fit like a puzzle!

There’s a touch lighting over the counter, as well as a vent fan with lighting over the stove.

Black Series Camper

Again, there are lots of storage above, as well as a drawer for utensils. Everything is, of course, locked so that the things inside won’t get tossed around when you’re going down a rough road.

As for the bedroom…

…it also has a queen-sized bed with a black diamond pattern headboard. What’s even cooler (my favorite feature in the bedroom) is the reading lights on either side of the bed. One light was enough, really, but it was so generously made that there’s one for each side.

These reading lights can be dimmed, brightened, or switched to blue.

Another cool thing is the little counter beside the bed. Oh, and there are closets beside the bed, as well, and after that is the counter space. On its front face is a nice drawer, so it’s just like a bedside table you have at home. Not all Black Series campers have this feature, which kind of sets the H15 apart from the others.

As usual…

…the 16,000 BTU heater along with large storage space are located under the bed.

It’s also complete with puck lights, LED lights, a speaker, cabinetry, and the control area for the TV’s antenna.

Speaking of the TV, it’s still located near the dinette, and it also comes with a DVD player as well as a bracket, so we were able to rotate it either to the dinette or towards the bedroom. We love convenience and flexibility!

True to Black Series’ design, the dinette still has a pair of padded benches and a collapsible table between them. You can fold the table down and put padding over it, and now you have another sleeping area.

In addition to that…

…the benches also have a footrest which you can also collapse if not needed.

Under the bench is a storage for the batteries (i.e., for the towing disease, inverter, solar panels, etc.).

5. HQ12 Travel Trailer

Last but not the least, we have a 4-sleeper Black Series camper that’s much more compact than the previous ones but can still comfortably house a whole squad or a small family.

Here’s the kicker:

This is the tallest Black Series camper, thanks to its pop-up roof (more on that later), and yet, it comes at one of the most reasonable prices among the travel trailers.

Now, we’re talking about bang for your buck!

It’s considerably smaller than the first travel trailers we’ve tested, but it nearly has most amenities they boast.

For one…

…as mentioned earlier, it has a pop-up roof, which other travel trailers don’t. It’s a two-step pop-up roof, but in some instances, I was able to raise it up in just a single step!

Black Series Camper

It’s mostly manual, though, so you may need a helping hand or maybe a considerable amount of patience to be able to get it up.

Once up, it has a huge head clearance with 6’7 height and 6’5 on the area with the air conditioner.

Its interior is also protected with a kind of covering made from a polymer material. It helps in regulating the temperature inside the cabin to avoid mildew or molds. They’re also zippered, so you can open them if you want to get more fresh air or close them up for more privacy or protection against the cold.

By the entrance, the fridge will immediately greet you. It’s not as big as the other trailers’, but I was able to fit about two kilos of sausages in it, and that’s only the fridge. It also has a freezer which is considerably smaller but still efficient.

As always…

…you can never have enough cabinets! There’s a drawer just above the fridge with a locking handle to secure the things inside when you hit a bumpy road.

The kitchen sink also has two spigots to separate your general use water from the drinking one.

Now, another unique feature of the HQ12 that isn’t in other Black Series campers is the mirror over the sink. There’s no sink in the bathroom anymore so as to give more space to move around inside.

In other words, the kitchen sink also acted as the hand sink for us, along with the mirror over it. No problems. Just flexibility and efficiency.

Under the sink…

…is the microwave that runs off of the inverter. Oh, and I also really liked how all the drawers have a soft-close feature, so they don’t make sounds at all when being closed.

The stove is a 3-burner stove and is still quite compact. I was able to perfectly fit three medium-sized pans. It also has a cover that you can use as a working space in the kitchen.

Black Series Camper

Continuing with the compact design, the bath area is also pretty simple. A small stall with the bowl, towel holder, and shower head. In case you’re wondering, our 6-footers were able to comfortably bathe inside, albeit having limited room to move around.

But hey, isn’t that what an outdoor adventure is all about?

Again, it has the zippered flaps and a window that gave me a nice view of nature outside (given that you parked in a nice spot).

Just outside the bathroom are all sorts of switches for your camper, as well as a radio and speaker control for your outdoor and indoor speakers.

As for the sleeping areas…

…you have a queen-sized bed with the usual reading lights and shelves. And then there’s the dinette with its two padded benches that you can turn into a little sleeping area.

Unlike the previous models, the collapsible table is concealed under the bed as the two benches are also situated at the bed’s foot.

In addition to that, the HQ12 also has a separate bunk bed!

The bunk bed has its own operable window and a magnetic wall that you can pop up or fold down when not in use. It’s around 7 feet long, so it’s not just for the children.

This pretty little camper has the necessities like a TV with a DVD player, an air conditioner with a heat pump, and antenna control.

As compact as it is, it will not only let a small family live comfortably but also a group of friends. 

Conclusion: Black Series Camper

Aren’t they all overwhelmingly loaded with lots of features? We get you. That’s why we took it upon ourselves to test them all out.

If you’re still on the fence…

…and is open to suggestions, then the Black Series HQ21 is the perfect deal if you’re looking for the most comfortable camping trailer that can deliver hotel-like comfort and a homey warmth all at once. It also sleeps up to four people, so there’s also that.

If you’re on a limited budget, the HQ12 also sleeps up to four people but with less furniture.

As for us, our needs varied, but whatever each of us chose, we’re pretty confident that it’s not only a statement but a real investment, as well.

I mean, just look at those armored exteriors! Truly unbreakable.

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