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Lance Travel Trailers: Are you a longtime camper? Or maybe you’re a beginner looking for your first travel trailer? Well, you can never go wrong with Lance when it comes to the highest quality travel trailers. 

The Lance Campers brand was founded in 1965 and originated in North Hollywood, California. Since then, it has grown in popularity for building safe products with top-notch quality. Lance travel trailers are also known for their excellent features, attention to detail, and great build quality. This brand makes each product with 100% owner satisfaction in mind.

And even better…

Lance has upgraded their products now! The newest Lance travel trailers are made up of even sturdier materials. They also feature a new front nose cap design made from durable material, a taller interior height, a European-influenced radius design, a new suspension system with an optional shock package, and lots more! All of that while still keeping the standard features that make Lance unique. 

Today, we’re taking a look at the various Lance models which you can choose from. Lance is one of the few companies that manufacture real four-season-capable travel trailers. Therefore, you can be assured that whichever model you choose will serve you well in any weather.

So without further ado…

Hop in and take your pick!

1. Lance 1475 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:2600 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity2-3 people
Floor Length:14 ft. 10 inches
Cargo Carrying Capacity1100 lbs.
Overall Length:19 ft. 8 inches 

The smallest and most lightweight of all Lance’s models, the Lance 1475 Travel Trailer is very compact. It’s perfect for solo campers and couples. Like all Lance campers, this is four-season-ready.

This travel trailer has an overall length of 19 feet and 8 inches, with up to 1100 pounds carrying capacity. At 2600 pounds, it’s ultra-light and is towable by small SUVs and mid-sized trucks. It has a Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR) of 3700 pounds.

While most small truck campers don’t have many features, the Lance Travel Trailer 1475 is different. It comes equipped with basic amenities, standard features, and extra ones like those of other larger Lance RVs. There’s a single propane tank, a battery, a Smart Tongue Jack, ventilation fans, a queen-size east-west bed, a water heater, kitchen appliances such as a stove, oven, refrigerator, and entertainment devices.

Don’t let this model’s size deceive you!

It’s surprising how roomy it is on the inside. It has headroom of 6 feet and 6 inches —great if you have a tall person with you— and a floor length of 14 feet and 10 inches. This trailer has a living space, a sleeping space, a galley, and a complete dry bath, all of which are spacious and well-equipped.

There’s plenty of storage both inside and outside, so you can really optimize your space. The most noteworthy one is the huge exterior pass-through storage with a cargo drawer that you can use for your gear. We love that we can pull it out from either side of the trailer or from under the bed— how cool is that?

Providing excellent airflow throughout the trailer are the large European-style windows that you can open all the way up. Or cover with retractable screens and nightshades for privacy and to keep bugs out.

Besides that…

If you’d rather have a sizable bath or sleeping area instead of a dinette, this is your guy. In place of a dinette, this trailer comes with two swivel chairs with a detachable table between them. But if you have a third person with you, you can also choose the 1475s. That version features a slide-out section with a couch that you can convert into a single-person bed.

And if you’d rather spend time outside when the weather is pleasant…

You’ll have a good time outdoors! There’s an awning that retracts once it detects high winds or any signs of bad weather. Also, many outdoor lights, outdoor speakers, a TV bracket, outlets, and USB ports. Pretty much everything you’ll need if you just want to chill outside while watching TV or playing your favorite music!

All in all, this is a well-constructed and well-thought-out travel trailer that packs a lot of features inside a compact-sized unit. It’s a great option for first-time RV campers, as well.

2. Lance 1575 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:2775 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity:925 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity4 people
Floor Length:15 ft. 9 inches
Overall Length:20 ft. 5 inches

The Lance 1575 Travel Trailer is our go-to when camping with a small group of four people. This travel trailer has a curved shape on the front, making it a low-profile unit that’s a breeze to tow.

Right off the bat, we were impressed by the quality of its construction. 

What makes this model so lightweight is the use of laminated fiberglass bonded Azdel™ on the exterior walls, the CNC-laminated floor and ceiling, and Lite-Ply™ material for the cabinets. The combination of these materials results in a travel trailer that’s not only ultra-light but also durable and well-insulated.

Inside this unit, you and your family will never feel cramped.

Maximizing the trailer’s interior height of 80 inches and floor length of 15 feet and 9 inches, Lance has put well-placed storage, inside and outside. The large windows and skylights give the trailer a very roomy feel.

In the kitchen area, you’ll have lots of space for prepping your meals. The countertop space is great, plus there’s also a deep round sink that you can cover with a lid to increase the space. A conventional oven, microwave, 3-burner stove, refrigerator, and well-made cabinets complete the galley.

After a long day, you and your family can relax on the queen-size bed. The sleeping space also includes LED lights for when you want to read books at bedtime, a Fantastic Fan up above, dual-pane windows on all sides with privacy panels and screens, a table where you can put your phone or books, and more storage compartments.

There’s a dry bathroom with a separated shower and toilet, complete with a medicine cabinet, a 12-volt fan on the roof, and an electric outlet.


The star of this travel trailer is definitely the elevated U-shaped dinette. It features a corner cabinet, storage compartments underneath both sides of the couch, and a huge window that allows you to enjoy the view outside while eating, working, or relaxing. If you’re wondering why the dinette is raised, it’s to keep the trailer low-profile, and thus, aerodynamic and easy to tow.

Among the entertainment devices in this unit is the 28-inch TV. It runs on battery and doesn’t need to be plugged in, which is great if you’re not camping on a campground. You can also move it around so you can watch TV, whether you’re lounging at the dinette or prepping meals in the kitchen.

Going outside the trailer…

There’s a Power Tongue Jack, a battery disconnect, large pass-through storage compartments on both sides, an awning with a wind sensor, exterior speakers, LED lights, and a backup camera, among other useful features.

3. Lance 1685 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:4620 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity1680 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity:4-5 people
Floor Length:16 ft. 6 inches
Overall Length:21 ft. 5 inches

The Lance 1685 Travel Trailer gives you the experience of being in a luxury travel trailer but in a more compact package. 

With an overall length of 21 feet and 5 inches, this model is Lance’s shortest double-axle model. Despite that, it’s impressive how roomy the interior feels. It can also accommodate up to five people— great for small families or groups. Another thing we like is that it weighs less than 5000 pounds. Couple that with the double axle, and we definitely had a smooth towing experience.

This Lance camper is a fantastic option if you’re traveling in an RV for more than a month. Aside from having plenty of storage, it also comes with 45-gallon fresh water, 40-gallon gray water, and 40-gallon black water holding tanks. Perfect for months-long traveling.

Whatever the weather is, you’ll stay comfortable in this trailer all year round.

Its Four Seasons Comfort Technology standard package includes insulated hatch covers, water heater bypass, winterizing valve, and heated tanks. Moreover, it also has a 25000-BTU furnace to keep you warm in the winter and a 15000-BTU AC unit for the summer.

The exterior features a Power Tongue Jack, a 13-foot awning, a keyless entry door with a swivel handle, a sturdy roof ladder, and many more. As with the first two Lance campers on our list, this model also has pass-through storage, which, even better, has LED lighting.

Inside, it has a sleeping area, a kitchen, and a dry bath. The “Super Slide” slide-out section adds even more space to the kitchen area. It features a dinette with reversible cushions and storage drawers with push-button locks.

What’s more…

The sleeping area is guaranteed to give you a super comfortable experience. It has a queen-size bed with a headboard that has space for items you want to access quickly, such as your glasses or phone.

Next to the bed, there’s a nice little shelf for your books and magazines, while the LED lighting allows nighttime reading. Keeping your sleeping area clutter-free are the storage underneath the bed and the overhead cabinets— which also double as a bunk bed! If we don’t have an extra person with us, we like using the bunk as storage for heavier equipment.

The kitchen is loaded with features, as well. There’s the high pointe microwave oven, a 6 cubic feet refrigerator, 3-burner stove, and a countertop with backsplash for an easy clean-up.

Meanwhile, a medicine cabinet with a mirror is included in the dry bath. You get storage for personal care items, along with other standard features.

Other noteworthy features of this RV are the closet with drawers and the new additions of rich wood paneling and glazed cabinet doors. These give the trailer a modern elegance.

It’s no wonder the Lance 1685 is one of Lance’s most popular models!

4. Lance 1985 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:4965 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2035 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity:4 people
Floor Length:18 ft. 9 inches
Overall Length:23 ft. 8 inches

Well-designed and very functional, the Lance 1985 Travel Trailer gets even better with some of Lance’s added features.

The first thing we noticed upon entering this travel trailer was the very open feel of the interior.

Coming to the sleeping area, there’s a queen-size bed and a convertible sofa bed with a low back, which contributes to the wide-space feel. This is an optional feature that is very much worth getting, especially if you’re traveling with four more people. At the back of the bed is a large stargazer window, which gives you a fantastic view outside while you’re lounging on the sofa. 

More cool features in the sleeping area include the big shelf overhead, the touch reading light (no buttons to press!), a hanging cabinet by the bed, a bedside table, and a battery monitor.

In our opinion, the battery monitor is a very important feature to have, especially when boondocking. With it, you’ll know if you need more power sources.  

Besides the well-equipped kitchen and the 54 x 78 dinette, another highlight of this trailer is the entertainment center. It has a Jensen TV with a button next to it that you can press to connect you to cable or satellite, a JBL sound system, a subwoofer, and a portable JBL speaker with a carrying case. You can mount the speaker to the trailer’s exterior for a fun night outside.


We were excited about the additions of the dual-pane acrylic windows and Euro entry door. And we were definitely not disappointed! The windows are perfect for enjoying the outside view, as they have these screws that hold the windows at any angle you want. You can open them enough for some air to come in or all the way up. The door has built-in pockets and an integrated shade cover— very unique.

Included in the lengthy list of new features is the ducted air conditioning, which is quieter and provides a more even cooling. Spring axles with road armor equalizer absorb shock when traveling for a smoother ride. A generator compartment with a battery disconnect inside holds your generator or other gear.

Some optional features include a rear backup camera, slide-out awning cover, and super sturdy Revolution Steps.

5. Lance 1995 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:4950 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2050 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity:4 people
Floor Length:19 ft. 2 inches
Overall Length:24 ft. 1 inch

If you take the Lance 1685, make it bigger, and add more features, you get the Lance 1995 Travel Trailer!

This RV has a very unique layout. The first things that will greet you upon walking in are the storage compartments, including a floor-to-ceiling cabinet where you can put a hanging bar, full-sized drawers, and the storage for the water heater.

The interior light switch is also easily accessible as you walk through the door, which is nice as you won’t have to stumble in the dark.

Next to the storage area is the bathroom. We love how easy it is to access. Nature calls happen when camping, so we appreciate that we don’t have to run all the way to the back of the trailer to do our business.

Speaking of the bathroom. It has the basics like the porcelain toilet, the shower, and the sink. Other features include a medicine cabinet with a separate LED vanity light and a heater vent to keep the bathroom warm during winter.

In addition to that…

The kitchen features a big sink with two covers which are easy to remove. Above the sink is a cabinet with a removable shelf and lights— we love that our kitchen workspace is well-lit even at night. The refrigerator, oven, and microwave all have stainless steel exteriors, which give the kitchen a sleek look. The 3-burner stove accommodates larger pans and has a glass top that folds flat for an extended workspace.

If you have guests, the dinette gives you more room for two people, converting into a 54 x 78 inches bed. Windows surround the area, and they can open all the way up for more airflow when it’s hot and even when it’s raining, as they are designed like an awning. They are darkly tinted for UV protection, as well. The windows are definitely one of our favorite features of this trailer. 

The lighting in this trailer is very nice overall. There are skylights in the bathroom and kitchen area, reading lights in the sleeping area, and dimmable light on the dinette. This is great at night when you don’t want too-bright lighting.

As far as exterior features go, this trailer has a 2-inch utility receiver, an exterior wash station, a Phat ladder, a spare tire carrier, and lots more.

6. Lance 2075 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:4930 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity1870 lbs.
Tire size:205/75R15
Sleeping Capacity:4 people
Floor Length:20 ft. 3 inches
Overall Length:25 inches

Another excellent option for solo RVers or couples is the Lance 2075 Travel Trailer.

Despite being on the smaller side, it feels very open inside still, no doubt thanks to the overhead skylights and many windows. We also like how creative Lance was in maximizing the space available by putting lots of storage throughout the trailer.

For example…

Going to the dinette, you’ll find lots of European-style cabinets around the top with lighting, little shelves, and wine storage. There’s even hidden storage behind the corner cushion— clever

The galley is compact but very functional. Soffit lighting illuminates the area, and the lighting under the cabinets lets you see well when preparing your midnight snack. We also like the well-placed window at the back of the stove— great for more ventilation when cooking.

Next up is the highlight of the trailer’s interior for us: the bedroom. First off, what we like about the bedroom is that it’s separated from the dinette by a privacy curtain. This is great if one of us is doing some work in the dinette and one wants to sleep in the bed undisturbed. That also makes the trailer feel bigger than it is.  

Very large windows surround the bed, and there’s a roof vent up above that you can pop open. Those will make you feel like you’re laying outside under the stars. On both sides of the bed are storage compartments with USB ports and outlets, which is awesome. Who doesn’t like having a personal space and a charging station right next to you? There are also plenty of drawers, touch reading lights, and speakers for the TV for when it’s raining outside and you want to hear the TV clearly.

Need more sleeping space for unexpected guests?

No problem— the dinette is spacious, and the telescoping table converts into a 40 x 80 bed. Under the table, there are charging ports and outlets, which are really convenient, especially when you’re using gadgets for work.

Now for the exterior…

Among the standout exterior features are the outside charging port under the awning, the pull-out storage tray with a portable folding table, the telescoping ladder, the solar power port, and the TPO gravel guard with jeweled LED docking lights.

And of course, we can’t forget to mention the optional exterior kitchen package! This includes a sink, a stove with legs and a glass countertop, a huge storage compartment, a pull-out table, a drawer-style mini refrigerator, and a Bluetooth speaker connection. This is great if you love barbequing or having meals outside. For us, that’s what camping is all about.

To sum it up, this trailer is a good option if you like a compact trailer with a spacious bedroom and dinette, and storage pretty much everywhere you turn.

7. Lance 2185 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:5345 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2555 lbs.
Tire size:225/75R15E
Sleeping Capacity:7 people
Floor Length:21 ft. 2 inches
Overall Length:26 ft. 1 inch

Need a big travel trailer that can accommodate a group of more than five people? You’ll love the Lance 2185 Travel Trailer.

This travel trailer features a dual-entry layout, with the back door leading straight to the bathroom. This is nice, especially if you have your kids with you while on a camping trip, as they wouldn’t have to navigate the whole trailer. There’s also a cargo door at the very back of the trailer with the bunk house behind it.

The bunk house has three bunks and windows next to the top two bunks. What’s good about these bunks is that you can convert them into storage if no one’s using them. As we always say, you can never have too much storage.


The dinette is perfect for entertaining guests; it has spacious benches with slide-out drawers. The benches break down into a queen-size bed for a second sleeping space. The entertainment center is right by the dinette area. It boasts a 32-inch TV, a JBL interior/exterior Bluetooth speaker, a JBL AM/FM stereo, and many more. The cabinetry has Euro-Ply construction, which is very durable and lightweight.


This trailer doesn’t have the biggest kitchen, but we like that Lance made sure there would still be plenty of space to use. The residential undermount sink and 3-burner stainless steel cooktop have covers. And there’s also a folding countertop extension, giving you plenty of workspace. We also like that the microwave convection oven is hidden away in a cabinet above for a clean look.

Another part we really like is the bathroom, which has a spacious shower, a porcelain toilet, a skylight, and a door with a mirror for privacy. On the right of the bathroom, you’ll find the vanity area with an oval sink and a folding countertop extension for your personal care items.

The exterior of this RV doesn’t lack features either. There’s a cargo tray, a portable generator storage compartment, a spare tire carrier, an awning with LED lights and a wind sensor. Our favorite, though, is the huge stargazer window on the front.

Loads of optional features like 190-watt solar panels, a backup camera, a battery monitor, dual Lithium batteries, and the Truma Aqua Go tankless water heater are available for an even more comfortable experience on the road.

8. Lance 2285 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:5775 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity2225 lbs.
Tire size:225/75R15E
Sleeping Capacity:4-6 people
Floor Length:22 ft. 6 inches
Overall Length:27 ft. 5 inches

The Lance 2285 Travel Trailer comes with all the standard features that Lance is known and loved for, with added nice touches that elevate its quality even more. 

Made with durable materials such as Azdel™ composite and aluminum, you can be sure of this trailer’s incredible durability. The exterior is moisture-wicking, too, so you won’t have to worry about mold and mildew. You also shouldn’t have any difficulty towing this trailer using a midsize SUV, with its dry weight of 5775 pounds.

Like the Lance 2185, this trailer features a dual entry, as well. The front door opens to the dinette area, while the rear door lets you access the bathroom easily. The swing-out assist handles in each door, and the 24-inch double steps with LED courtesy lighting offer maximum safety, especially in the dark.

For the living area, you have the dinette and the option to get either two swivel rockers or a jackknife sofa with a footrest. The sofa converts into a bed that can sleep up to six people— great if you have guests coming over. It has storage underneath for easy access to the water pump, making winterization easier.

A skylight overhead provides natural light. The entertainment area features a smart TV, which you can use for streaming or downloading. There’s also a JBL sound system and a charging area. 


You’ll get lots of privacy with this trailer. There’s a curtain that separates the bathroom from the living room and another for the bathroom and the master private bedroom. Going from the living area to the bedroom, you’ll immediately notice the floor-to-ceiling wardrobe. We appreciate this, as we don’t always pack light.  

Across the wardrobe is your bathroom with a separate sink and vanity area outside. We like it this way because one of us can brush our teeth or do any morning prep in the sink while the other uses the bathroom for showering.

This trailer features a rear kitchen layout. In the kitchen, you get the standard Lance features and appliances, plus a huge sink and solid surface work area. A slot has been added to hold your trash can or anything you like to throw in there. There are also lots of drawers below the sink, which you can take outside when camping.

The other thing we like is the option to run this trailer with lithium or AGM batteries. Also, the gorgeous modern interior design and the CNC laminated floor and ceiling that add to the clean and seamless look.

9. Lance 2295 Travel Trailer

Lance Travel Trailers
Dry weight:4640 lbs.
Cargo Carrying Capacity1760 lbs.
Tire size:ST205/75R14
Sleeping Capacity:4 people
Floor Length:22 ft. 6 inches
Overall Length:27 ft.

And lastly, we have the Lance 2295 Travel Trailer. It features impressive construction and a well-designed interior.

Starting with the exterior, this trailer is equipped with an Electric Tongue Jack, three propane tanks, a beautiful fiberglass/TPO front with gravel guard, two battery compartments on each side, an exterior shower that you can use for bathing pets, a huge armless awning, and a slide-out with a cover that protects it from harmful debris.

We love cooking outside using the pull-out exterior kitchen. It has a handle that you can use as a towel rack for convenience, a storage compartment for kitchen utensils, a shield below that for spices and small items, a sink with a high-rise faucet, a cooktop, and a countertop extension.

We’re thankful that there are two Bluetooth speakers on the exterior too. We don’t know about you, but it’s always more fun for us to prep our meals when music plays in the background. 

There’s also a 160-watt solar panel on the roof. The LanceLock™ design, aluminum wheels with radial tires, and self-adjusting brakes provide a smooth and safe camping experience. 

The moment you walk into this trailer, you’ll feel an instant cozy vibe. This is thanks to the fireplace in the living area that not only warms up the trailer when it’s cold outside but also gives off a lovely ambiance. The cabinets in this RV are built with a CNC machine, making them strong and sturdy without any rough edges or imperfections.

Making up the living area are the dinette, galley, and entertainment center. We like this layout because we can easily whip up a meal, serve it on the dinette, and eat while watching our favorite show on the 32-inch TV with an HD TV antenna. This RV is pre-wired for satellite and cable TV, and there’s also an AM/FM/DVD stereo, so you’ve got plenty of options for your and your family’s entertainment. 

On the other side of the living area, you have your bedroom, which can be separated from the living area by a pleated curtain. Reading and mood lights, plenty of storage compartments and cabinets, a frameless dual-pane stargazer window, and a Fantastic fan feature on this bedroom, like in most Lance travel trailers.

And if you want to watch TV before bedtime? No need to move to the living room; the TV can be flipped to face the bedroom!

On top of that…

The bathroom is quite roomy and has everything you need if you like getting ready in the bathroom, such as two huge wardrobe cabinets, a mirrored medicine cabinet with LED lighting, and an oval sink with extra storage below for your personal items. It features a dual-pane skylight and a power roof vent, as well.

This trailer has an interior height of 78 inches and can sleep four people comfortably, so it’s ideal for small families or when you’re bringing three camping buddies with you. It also comes with a spare tire, which we’re sure you won’t need any time soon.

Conclusion: Lance Travel Trailers  

And that’s a wrap! 

Looking for your new adventure buddy can be challenging with so many travel trailer models available on the market today.

But for us, there’s really no need to look for other brands. Why risk getting a subpar-quality travel trailer or truck camper when Lance Campers exists with their innovative and first-rate products?

The choice is a no-brainer for us.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own Lance now.

See you on the road!

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