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Bean Trailers was initially built to make the usually luxurious teardrop camper more rugged and tough for rough terrains and places.

The thing with teardrop trailers is most of them are certainly gorgeous inside and out, but only a handful of them can come off of a rough off-road and all its shaking without any damage. There’s also the issue of temperature a teardrop camper usually struggles with.

And that’s what Bean teardrop trailers solved for us.

The results were outstanding. It’s essentially having a hotel on wheels.

Over time, Bean Trailers was able to design and produce different kinds of teardrop trailers for different needs and different prices, so we have more choices now.

But if there’s a common denominator of all their teardrop trailers, it’s the one-piece fiberglass shell. This was designed to keep any leaking at bay, so we’re also able to stay comfy and toasty inside the cabin.

But that’s just one thing.

And exploring all of them was certainly eye-opening!

Who would’ve thought you could actually have a luxurious sleeping place that can also go on the roughest off-road?

Here are our experiences using Bear Trailers’ five best trailers and how they could work for you!

1. Black Bean

Bean Trailers
Dry weight:2500 lbs.
Tire size:15 inches
Size:15’2” x 7’6”
Ground Clearance:20 inches

Starting our list with a bang, we have Black Bean, a “hotel on wheels,” and basically the result of Bean Trailer customers’ suggestions, wishes, and concerns.

After a couple of teardrop trailers on the market, Bean Trailers seriously satisfies with creating yet another camping trailer that upgrades all the features that people loved about its predecessors.

We got the Black Bean trailer at quite a hefty but very reasonable price. I mean, it’s basically getting a portable hotel wherever you go.

Don’t believe me?

Well, the exterior itself is a whole kind of luxury, at least in its looks. The color scheme is very neutral and basic, making it look fresh on the eyes but elegant at the same time. Definitely none of the ruggedness a typical camping trailer has in its look.

Of course, it is in a teardrop shape, and it’s impressively compact and loaded with features to make outdoor living very comfortable.

Starting with the front part, it has a big box with the power system in it. We’re pleasantly surprised to see a big rack as well, and it’s made by 1UP, as evidenced by its secure and sturdy design. We’re able to store two bikes in the rack, which is really convenient and good.

Bean Trailers

It has a 2000 watts inverter that powers the 110 outlets inside the cabin, so that’s a plus as well.

Going around the cabin, you’ll find another big box that you draw from within. It’s a basic domestic box made from sturdy and tough material. It’s so big that we’re able to fit another fridge in it!

As for one of the most requested features…

…it has very well-designed fenders, which are upgraded versions of the previous ones. The fenders in the Black Bean trailer have a stand-on capability. Meaning, that you can stand on it, and it won’t break. Of course, that goes to say that it will also stay stable and tough on very rough terrains.

In addition to that, it also has equally tough rock slides and, best of all, an excellent ground clearance.

Yes, you’ve read that right!

Bean Trailers took the most popular concerns and suggestions, and it went down to the ground clearance. If you’re a longtime camper and RVer, you’d know how important ground clearance is, especially if you’re planning to take a long camping journey.

Bean Trailers

That said, the Black Bean has 30-inch tires and 20-inch ground clearance, which is a bit more than the ample amount. And to add to that, it also has an extra 2-inch lift in case you need it.

It also has a jack lift to level and stabilizes your camping trailer.

And it doesn’t end there.

On the exterior alone, there are lots of other features that literally made it felt like we’re just in our own home.

On the lower side, you have the water fill holes and the drainage, as well as a magnetic plate. Now, you’ll see more of this magnetic plate as you go around the camping trailer. The design was actually quite genius. You can use it to hang garbage bags, towels, keys, and lots of other things!

Now, onto the highlight of the camping trailer.

Actually, it’s hard to choose the highlight of the Black Bean as every corner of this trailer is absolutely jaw-dropping in its innovative features. But it’s easy to say that the galley part is the most well-engineered out of all the trailer components.

Actually, out of most trailers on that matter.

Opening up the galley door, you’ll find a compact but stunning kitchen.

Bean Trailers

Below the counter, there’s a draw-up fridge and even a stove. And these are just a couple of the many upgrades this kitchen has!

The sink is made 50% deeper than the other Bean Trailer sinks. And let me tell you, it’s seriously deep, so there’s no mess at all whenever we use it.

The sink has a removable cover which is also a chopping board. It’s polished to look like the counter, so it looks seamless when it’s covering the sink.

Under the sink…

…you have drawers which are made to be large, as well. We stored our dishes and utensils there. Also, underneath, you have the big fridge with a 55-quart capacity. Moreover, it also has a built-in ice maker, which came really, really convenient, so we didn’t have to buy ice outside!

Then there’s the compact stove. It’s tucked away in a narrow space beside the fridge. It’s so narrow that you’ll barely notice it there.

To use it, just pull it out and unfold it. You can use it outside or inside the galley. It’s engineered to give you and your kitchen companion more space to work with.

If you want more space, you can turn the stove around, so you’re cooking outside. But in case it rains, you can always turn it back, so it’s under the roof of the galley’s door.

Bean Trailers

On the side, there’s another magnetic plate to hang stuff in.

In addition to that…

…there are even more cabinets with bins over the counter. Yay for more storage space!

The faucet can be folded to the wall, and there’s also a paper towel holder up above.

To make everything even posher, there’s an overhead/accent lighting, as well as an RGB light strip running through the whole length of the galley. The controls to change the light’s color is on the wall.

And to literally lock everything in, the cabinets have off-road capable latches that ensure your kitchen tools’ safety even while on the roughest of terrains.

Now, for bedtime…

…you go inside the cabin through its electronically locked door. You can put a passcode or use your manual key instead.

It has a 4-inch mattress as well as a surrounding pad that also acts as a soft headboard. There is accent lighting on the corners, so it literally felt like being in a hotel room every night!

The window has three settings as well as a net to keep the bugs off. There’s also a stealth window, and you can cover all of them with the tension blinds. 

Bean Trailers

And as if there are not enough drawers yet, you have more compartments in this room, as well as several outlets for your charges and other devices.

In case you’re wondering…

…you can also add a child bunk here for your kids or even pets.

Outside, there’s a solar panel that also acts as a window cover.

To say that the Black Bean is very well- thought-out and engineered is an understatement. We’ve used quite a few trailers over the years, and almost nothing comes close to the feel of luxury and comfort we felt in it. So if you don’t mind just-enough spaces, then this is the teardrop trailer for you.

Bean Trailers

2. Meaner Bean

Dry weight:2000 lbs.
Tire size:235/75R15
Size:14′ 1/4″ x 7’4”
Ground Clearance:17 inches

Next off is the Meaner Bean, Bean Trailers’ 2020 release. Clearly, it came before Black Bean, but the similarity in the engineering is still there. If anything, Meaner Bean even has some features that the Black bean doesn’t, making it quite a challenge to pick between the two!

Also having the same dry weight as the Black Bean, the Meaner Bean has a bit less ground clearance. But it’s still more than enough, in my opinion.

Bean Trailers


…it also has tough rock sliders and fenders. The fenders are made from fiberglass with a slip- and scuff-resistant finish, so it’s not only strong but safe, as well. You can stand on it (or even jump on it as I did), and it won’t even budge.

In addition to this, the rock slider is also the same. You can stand on it to access the roof and store some of your things there.

Bean Trailers

Going to the front, you’ll see an area where you can attach storage lockers (also sold as attachments) and a front-mounted full-size spare tire. In addition to this, you also have a bike hitch that can be fully articulated and pinned for security.

Inside the cabin, you’re given quite an ample amount of space, enough for a queen-sized mattress.

The mattress is about 4 ½ inches thick, and one of my favorite things about it is that we can fold it up to turn it into a couch during the day! Moreover, at the center of this little room, there’s a recessed space underneath the floor that opens up to a storage area.

Now, here’s the kicker…

…this “bedroom” is accented with dynamic lighting that we’ve never seen on our other trailers before. For starters, there are dimmable LEDs on the four corners of the cabin for dramatic lighting or if you just want a soft glow at night.

Bean Trailers

Aside from that, the cubby area, as well as the other overhead storage area on the other wall, also have their own lights inside. Yes, it’s as dramatic as it could be!

And speaking of storage areas, there are lots of cabinets and drawers. Above the mattress, there are two large drawers as well as cabinets with sliding doors. You can access the galley storage here as well.

Bean Trailers

Above these, you have the main storage, which runs through the length of the cabin.

On the opposite side is yet another cubby storage that looks just like the main storage, along with the electrical outlets.

The cabin has two windows which are nicely operable, along with carbon monoxide and fire detectors, key holders, and a cup holder for maximum comfort!

Bean Trailers

Now to my favorite place…

…the galley is pretty much similar to Black Bean’s galley, with its fridge and freezer, folding faucet, drawers and cabinets, paper towel holder, and of course, the foldable stove that also tucks away beside the fridge.

Bean Trailers

The sink is much smaller, though, but it’s still deep enough to be compared to our home sinks.

There’s RGB lighting as well as overhead lighting that’s really, really bright. We didn’t even use it at all.

For added safety…

…the cabin’s floor was made from a resin composite material that’s mold and water-resistant. Best of all? It can also self-resist in case of fire. These features alone make this teardrop trailer such a standout from the ton.

3. Mean Bean

Bean Trailers
Dry weight:1850 lbs.
Tire size:235/75R15
Size:14′ 1/4″ x 7′ 4″
Ground Clearance:15.5 inches

If you’re still on the fence about getting a luxurious Bean Trailer, then the Mean Bean might just be the one for you.

The Mean Bean isn’t short of being quite luxurious, but it has a more homey and modest feel than the first two on our list.

With a ground clearance of more than 15 inches and 83 inches in height from the ground to the rooftop, it’s just a baby version of the Meaner bean.

The Mean and the Meaner both have the excellently made one-piece fiberglass shell, as well as the exterior components that are made for the rugged country. One of these is the stand-on fenders that are still sturdy, just the typical Bean Trailers quality.

It also has a stand-on rock slider, so you can easily access your trailer’s rooftop easily.

Bean Trailers

The cabin opens with a double-sided door. That means you have two doors, one for each side of the cabin. Inside the door, there’s another door which is a screen. We loved keeping the door open, and the screen door closed whenever we were in the very warm side of the country so we could have fresh air while keeping the bugs out.

Another thing…

…the Mean Bean has the same cabin interior size as its Meaner sister, and like with the first two cabins, the side walls are covered with your choice of Raptor Liner.

It also has the same queen-sized mattress that folds into a couch. The floor opens to a storage area where we put a collapsible table, which we also unfold during the day. There’s more than enough leg room (and the room overall!) to spare, and it really felt just like I was back in my room at home.

Bean Trailers

It also has the exact cabinet configuration as the Meaner with the long attic space above the mattress, another storage on the other wall, and some more cabinets below them. There are also cabinets that open to the galley, which we used to get food from the kitchen on rainy days.

Now, the area that’s the most different from the Meaner…

…is the galley or the kitchen area. Firstly, everything’s smaller. The sink is smaller, and so is the stove.

Moreover, the stove is located almost in front of the sink, so it was a bit tricky to work in the kitchen if you have company. But still, for a teardrop trailer, it’s still pretty epic, especially for its size. Still more than what we expected.

The stove can also be moved, though and that’s a big relief and convenience. It connects to the gas, which rests on a rack at the side of the Bean trailer beside the spare tire.

Bean Trailers

The sink is stainless steel, nothing fancy but also rust and corrosion-resistant. There are cabinets above, the towel holder, and the RGB light.

And who could forget the fridge? It’s still located under the counter and can be drawn out.

At the front of this teardrop trailer is a big rack for anything that you want to bring. But instead of the fully articulating coupler that the Meaner has, the Mean one has the standard 2-inch ball coupler, which is just the traditional standard RV issue connection.

Bean Trailers

4. Bean Stock: The Classic Teardrop Trailer Design

Bean Trailers
Dry weight:2500 lbs.
Tire size:235/75R1515 inches
Size:15’2” x 7’6”
Ground Clearance:20 inches

Looking for a cost-efficient entry-level teardrop trailer? Then the Bean Stock is for you!

Much simpler than its siblings, this is perfect for couples or even those with kids or pets as its cabin was made to accommodate them too.

It still has the classic teardrop trailer design by Bean Trailers, encased in their signature one-piece fiberglass shell.

It’s only available in one color, which is a solid white with black accents, but I don’t think I’d ever go with other colors if they were available. This monotonous color scheme gives it the perfect minimalist charm that actually looks expensive.

Bean Trailers

At the front…

…it has a big rack with a fence where you can put not only your bikes but some luggage or boxes too. It also has a 2-inch vertical receiver for bikes that you can remove if you want to.

Like the Mean Bean, it also has a spare tire on the side wall on the driver’s side. The cabin opens through two doors on the side panels, and there’s a window on the doors that are fully operable.

Aside from these, it also has one window beside one door. Inside the bean trailer, there’s a mattress, but we soon find out that it doesn’t turn into a couch.

But there’s more than that.

On the foot of the mattress, there’s a bunk bed attached to the walls. The size of the bed is just perfect if you have a child on board or even a pet. The maximum weight capacity is 100 pounds, so in case you’re wondering, yes, I slept on it, too. Well, afternoon naps, mostly.

Bean Trailers

The rest of the room is just the standard Bean Trailer design with the Maxx fan, wall-mounted organizer (remote control, charging ports, cup holder, etc.), cabinetry, attic storage, recessed lights, and lights for the storage areas.

One big difference it has from its siblings is the lack of storage space on the floor. That means we’re able to bring our pop-up table, as well. But it still has its tie-downs, we’re still able to just fold the bed and stack our equipment inside during travel.

As a result, it’s much lighter to drive and pull, especially on rough roads. So that’s it for you if you’re looking for something light.

Bean Trailers

As for the galley…

…it’s even simpler than the Mean Bean. It has a counter but no counter sink. The sink is a plastic bucket sink that slides out from underneath the counter like a drawer. The stove is also drawer-style, and underneath it, there’s a generous space for water containers, and it came with bungee cords, which is a big plus!

And finally, there’s a rack-out bin to accommodate a 43-quart freezer that we purchased separately.

Bean Trailers

The longest we’re able to use it is four days, just one weekend. It’s light, very easy to maneuver, and even one of the girls was able to drive it. And of course, if you’re still not ready to shell out a considerable amount of cash, then this is also one of the best options and with the best value for money at that.

5. Classic Bean

Bean Trailers
Dry weight:1650 lbs.
Tire size:ST205/75R15
Size:14′ 1/4″ x 7′ 2″
Ground Clearance:15 inches

Last but not the least, we’re onto Bean Trailer’s most classic teardrop trailer design. The Classic Bean feels just like an excellent combination of the Mean Bean and the Bean Stock.

Made for the rugged terrains of Salt Lake City, Utah, longtime Bean campers in our group love how this Classic Bean focuses on strength and hominess.

Yes, power and comfort combined.

The envy of our campsite, its fiberglass exterior is inspired by elegant retro cars and is available in interesting and cool colors. It still has the standard Bean Trailer’s very own fiberglass shell, though the fenders are now of a different material. Anyway, its rooftop is curved and doesn’t have racks, so we didn’t have any need to reach up there and stand on the fenders.

It has a ground clearance of 15 inches, still a bit close to the premium Bean trailers.

The components underneath are all made for long-term durability, and it definitely felt like it, especially after taking it off-roads for two days straight!

Of course…

…it has doors on each side of the side walls, a screen door, and operable windows. Inside, it has the Bean teardrop trailer standard mattress, as well as the cabinetry.

Bean Trailers

There are still the cabinets that open to the galley for easy access to the kitchen, as well as the warm recessed lights.

Moreover, the Maxx Air fan, as we found out, is an intelligent kind of fan that pulls hot air out and good air in and regulates the temperature inside the cabin for the perfect homey feeling.

The galley is almost the same as the Bean Stock, except that this one is a bit more convenient. The sink is on the countertop, and it also has a cover that can double as a nice chopping board, just like the Meaner Bean.

Bean Trailers

There’s no fridge included, but you have a rack that can accommodate it. The stove, however, comes with it, and it’s in a drawer form, making it a space-efficient set-up.

The Classic Bean trailer is most perfect for couples or three-person families. Though a bit small, we soon learned that it’s not something to be taken lightly. Its pull was perfect and even felt light, to add to its boast-worthy aesthetics.

Conclusion: Bean Trailers

And that’s a wrap for our best Bean Trailers teardrop camper. If you’re wondering what’s the best teardrop camper for you, we cannot dictate a specific one for you as you’ll have to base it on your needs.

On the other hand…

…if you’re going as a family, the Black Bean would be your best bet as it was with me. It has the most features that don’t just accommodate you and your company but accommodate them in ultimate comfort.

It felt just like we were back home!

Not to mention, it’s also made for long term durability.

But if you’re getting a teardrop camper just for yourself or one companion, then the reasonably priced Bean Stock fits the bill. Add to that its very Instagram-worthy aesthetic inside and out!

We also loved that the Bean Trailers have online videos for each of their campers so we could check them all out before getting one. 

At the end of the day, all of Bean Trailers’ teardrop trailers performed satisfyingly and pulled through the meanest of roads. Now, it’s just a matter of your personal needs and preferences.

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