The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy

How Big a Tent FI

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Solitary camping isn’t really the norm, right?.

If anything, it can be a little boring and lonely.

That’s why most enthusiastic campers prefer to go camping with their families or in large groups.

But to do that, you’re going to need a big tent for camping.

So, what is the biggest camping tent you can buy?

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

Frankly, you’ll find plenty of huge ones out there, including tents you can stand up in.

So I’ll walk you through what you need to know about plus size tents.

In addition, I’ll show you what you need to consider when selecting the size of tent you’re going to need.

Now, without further ado, let’s jump right into it.

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What’s the Biggest Camping Tent I Need?

Turns out, camping in groups requires extra space to fit your camping buddies and their gear.

So when you’re looking for big tents for sale, you have to make sure your tent will meet specific requirements.

Your fellow campers, especially adults, may feel more comfortable when they can sleep in separate compartments.

But here’s the thing

Large tents are usually heavy, plus they are more expensive than their smaller counterparts.

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

Q. Are air tents cheaper than pole tents?

Not usually, but this depends on the brand and model of tent you buy. Like traditional pole tents, there are inflatable tents that are lower quality and cheaper, and there are models that are more expensive and better-quality on the market as well.

But, there’s going to be less variation in the quality and price of air tents than of traditional camping tents. This is because air tents are much newer to the market. Tents with traditional poles have been popular for many decades.

Being newer to the market, these tents still have an air of novelty to them, and many excited campers are willing to shell out a little extra cash for them than for a camping tent with regular poles.

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

Consequently, you need to make sure you have enough space in your vehicle to carry the tent. 

So, how big a tent do you need?

The tent you bring along should have enough capacity to accommodate everyone camping with you, their gear and it must have space for pets if necessary.

General guidance is to allow a sleeping space of 20 square feet (sq ft) per person. However, you have to factor in things like your camping gear, which will eat up more space. Personally, I recommend 30 to 40 sq ft per person for maximum comfort.

Of course, you have to consider who you’re camping with.

Obviously, adults will take up more space than kids. But for convenience, it’s always wise to have big tents with rooms.

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

But wait, there’s more

You have to factor in the tent’s shape.

The best large tents come in 2 basic shapes.

  • Cabin-style tents
  • Dome-style tents

A dome tent is ideal big family tents for camping.

How so?

They’re ideal for tall people, as your taller family members will be able to stand inside comfortably.

On the other hand, cabin-style tents come with straight walls.

What does this mean for you?

It implies you’ll have a larger interior space. So, if you’re looking for a large cabin tent, then this style could serve you well.

So, what’s the bottom line?

The size of the tent you buy must have enough capacity for every camper to sleep and live comfortably.

What Is Considered A Large Tent?

Now that you’re here

People have different physiques. So, determining the size by the number of persons can be a bit tricky..

However, there are ways to determine if you have a large-sized tent.

In fact, some are very obvious. 

First, a large tent will have the capacity to accommodate a big group of campers. There are those that fit up to 20 people for instance.

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

But how do you determine the capacity?

You need to get inside the tent.

Can you stand up in it?

If yes, then it can qualify as a large tent.

What about the tent’s floor plan?

What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

And that’s just one side of the story

You need to check whether any additional space can accommodate your camping gear. If it does, then you’re on the right track to getting an extra-large family camping tent.

In addition – you should check the number of doors the tent has. Large camping tents will have multiple doors so that people can get in and out easily without climbing over each other.

It should also have enough – and sizable – ventilation to allow proper air circulation.

A majority of large tents also have vestibules or a screen room, where you can store some of your gear.

What Is The Best Largest Camping Tent For Familes?

By now, you already know what defines a large tent.

However, when you start looking you’ll find there are a few on the market to choose from.

Picking the best one for your family might seem a daunting task.

But that shouldn’t worry you.

After all, we’re here to help.

Camping Tent

Tahoe Gear Ozark 16-Person Family Cabin Tent is  a winner in the TopNotch Best Extra Large Camping Tent category – not just because of its size but also its many great features.

It’s tall enough to be comfortable for the tallest of guests. The ceiling is nearly eight feet high at its tallest point. Also, it has three rooms.

One of the dividers is sewn in, the other removable.

Finally, it has nine mesh-panel covered large windows for amazing ventilation – very helpful with a party of campers!

It even has an e-cable port to charge your devices. If that’s not enough, it’s very reasonably priced. And the setup is a breeze.

For a reunion in the woods, a multi-family camping trip, or a just a good old party in the woods with a group of your best buddies, this might just be the best large tent you can buy.

Conclusion: What Is The Biggest Camping Tent You Can Buy?

Do you like group camping, or do you have a huge family that likes camping?

If so, having an extra-large tent is the way to go.

A large tent will not only give you a spacious sleeping room but also room for your camping gear.

So, what defines ideal large camping tents?

Camping Tent

First, a large floor room and a good height.

Also, the tent should have multiple doors and enough ventilation.

So, next time you go shopping for a large tent, consider these factors.

We’ve written a full review on the Best Large Tents – you’ll find it here.

In it you’ll see the best picks on the market for 2024, along with pros and cons and a full Buyers Guide.

It’s a must read!

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