15 Best Off Grid TV Shows
You Need To Watch [Updated]

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The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch: There is no shortage of shows about living off the grid. This article will explore the 15 best shows in this category.

There is variety even in one genre. There are shows about survival, fictional shows, reality shows, and educational shows.

Even though these shows are all different…

…each of them offers knowledge about living off the grid that fits different situations. .

Keep reading if you want to know the cream of the off-grid crop.

1. Frontier

Frontier is a fictional retelling of events from the late 1700s to the early 1800s. Fans of Jason Momoa will be pleased to know that he is the main character of this show.

If that doesn’t draw you in, an interest in historical drama definitely will.

The TV series takes watchers back to the North American fur trade. The show plays off in Canada. The main character, Declan Harp, wants to remove the Hudson’s Bay Company from the top of the fur trade in Canada.

This is no fanciful retelling.

The TV series focuses on the industry’s corruption and shady business dealings. There is danger, and the characters are not afraid of harming one another.

The show has been around since November 2016. Despite being three seasons long, there are only eighteen episodes. The show stopped airing in 2018.

Each episode is an hour-long, So you could binge the entire series in one day if you wanted to! The show is only available on Netflix.

2. Building Off The Grid

Building Off the Grid follows the adventures of real-life people who live off the grid. We get to see people build their off grid homes in remote areas.

The show has content that survival enthusiasts can learn from.

It premiered in 2014, and new episodes are still being released. There are close to 100 episodes of this show in 2022. Perfect for playing in the background while you do work.

Building Off the Grid can be watched on Discovery+ Amazon Channel, DIY Network, Discovery Plus, and fuboTV.

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

3. Building Alaska

Another reality off grid TV show is Building Alaska. The cast of builders braves the harsh environment in Alaska to build their ideal off-grid homes.

Modern society is far away. They have to find ways to succeed in the remote areas where they choose to build their homes.

They mainly build off-grid cabins. No one on the show is a professional builder. This makes the homes they build all the more impressive.


It’s best to watch only for entertainment. Get your building advice from professionals.

Building Alaska has 12 seasons to date. Most seasons are eight episodes long, so it shouldn’t take you too long to catch up. Like Building Off The Grid, Building Alaska is available to stream on Discovery+ Amazon Channel, DIY Network, Discovery Plus, fuboTV.

4. Off The Grid On The Beach

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

HGTV fans will love Off The Grid On The Beach. The reality TV show follows couples and friends as they hunt off the grid beach homes.

On the other hand…

Some homes on the show are not completely off the grid. Their beauty makes up for it, though.

The people on the show want to escape the big city life.

Who doesn’t?

Reaching these beach houses is quite an adventure. Each episode features the cast taking nonconventional trips to find their houses. One house could only be reached by plane!

The show aired in 2019 and has only one season, with ten episodes. Two episodes are 60 minutes long, and the rest are 30 minutes long.

The entire season of Off The Grid On The Beach is available on Youtube TV.  You can watch the show on a free trial of the Youtube TV subscription. Note that the free trial is for 60 days.

5. Homestead Rescue

Do you have what it takes to live off the grid?

The average person has no idea where to start with off-grid living. Homestead Rescue is the perfect show for ordinary people who want to be educated about off-grid life.

Part of being off grid is living in a remote area. It is unsafe to do this without the proper knowledge. Homestead Rescue helps people new to off grid living set up their lives in this new environment.

They get taught how to survive off the land. At the end of each episode, they choose between staying off the grid for a year and returning to civilization.

What would you choose?

Homestead Rescue makes for entertaining and educational off grid TV.

The show has kept watchers entranced since 2016. There are nine seasons. Some are shorter than others, but the most episodes in a season are 13. The episodes average 46 minutes in length. There are 83 episodes in total.

Roku, Discovery GO, and Discovery plus are all streaming services that have Homestead Rescue.

6. Jericho

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

Jericho is set in a fictional American town named Jericho. It’s a post apocalyptic TV show.

Not exactly the standard off grid living TV show…

This fictional show takes place after a nuclear blast rocks a part of the world. The town of Jericho descends into chaos after the blast.

There is some aspect of off grid living. The characters need to survive in a world without any of the comforts they are used to. Their survival depends on learning to live off the grid during this strange time.   

Enemies emerge, and people act completely out of character.

Sometimes that’s a good thing, and unexpected heroes are made from the chaos. Watching the townspeople rebuild Jericho is a worthy journey.


The show is short-lived. The first episode aired in 2006, and the last in 2008. The first season has 22 episodes. The second season has only seven. Episodes are around 40 minutes long. This series is a quick watch.

Stream Jericho on CBS, Hulu, Prime Video, Roku Channel, or Paramount Plus.

7. Mountain Men

Mountain Men is an off grid TV show with range. See the lifestyle in Alaska, Montana and even the Blue Ridge mountains in North Carolina. This show proves you can be off grid in a small town and a mountain range.

Marty Meierotto, Eustace Conway, and Tom Oar are the stars of this off grid TV show. These men are committed to surviving by living off the land.

This reality TV show is one you can’t help but watch.

The mountain men battle mother nature while living off grid. Natural disasters can strike at any moment. There is always wildlife to consider. Will they find food on their hunts? The suspense keeps you watching.

These men can show you a thing or two about being self sufficient.

The show is a fan favorite. It has been airing for over ten years, and the end is not in sight. Episodes are about 42 minutes long.

The cast will feel like family by the time you finish watching.

This show is extremely popular. So it only makes sense that you can watch it almost anywhere. Mountain Men is available to stream on the following platforms:

  1. Direct TV
  2. The Roku Channel
  3. History
  4. Hulu
  5. Pluto TV
  6. Discovery+ Amazon Channel
  7. Discovery Plus
  8. Hoopla
  9. Fubo TV

8. Sarah Off The Grid

Sarah Off The Grid is a family show. It follows Sarah Richardson as she builds her family home with her husband. Of course, it’s an off-grid house.

The first season is all about Sarah building a self sufficient house. The goal is to be independent of the outside world. The second season follows Sarah and her family on a new adventure. She plans to restore a historic home.

All reality shows need drama to survive.

Sarah has a small budget and a short timeframe to complete this project. Throughout the show, we question if she will make it happen. Does she? Watch and find out…

Each episode is an hour long. There are twelve episodes across two seasons. This is one of the shorter off grid TV shows.

You can watch the show on HGTV’s online platforms and Prime Video.

9. Beyond The Grid

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

This is the show for you if you want to learn about hunting with bows and rifles. Something is satisfying about watching people hunt their own food.

The show started in 2017, and there are five seasons. Season three is the longest, with nine episodes. It will take some time for you to watch the entire series.

You can watch Beyond The Grid on Waypoint TV and Prime Video.

10. Life Below Zero

The Alaskan wilderness is a popular setting for off-grid TV shows. Life Below Zero shows ordinary people living in Alaska. See what life is like for each family living in a remote part of this cold region.

These people have to survive completely on their own. Life in Alaska comes with many challenges. Watch the Alaskans brave cold temperatures and everything you could imagine that comes with living in the Alaskan wilderness.

The show started in 2013 and is still in production. There are almost 20 seasons. It’s the perfect show for when you want to lose yourself in some TV.

Life Below Zero can be watched on National Geographic’s website and Prime Video.

11. Pioneer Quest: A Real Year In The West

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

Two couples take you back to the 1870s in Pioneer Quest: A Real Year In The West. They recreate the life of the Wild West for a year.

This show fits in with homesteading shows. They have a small farm, grow their own food, and live in period-specific homes.

The couples face many obstacles. Illness, mosquito infestations, failed crops, and floods are some challenges they must overcome.

Sounds interesting? Here’s where you can watch it.

The show aired in 2001 and has only one season. Watch it on Youtube or Prime Video. It’s an old show, so you can find it virtually anywhere if you search for it.

12. Unplugged Nation

Unplugged Nation features families who want to unplug from their normal lives. Each episode takes you along with them on their off-grid vacation.

The reality show explores every aspect of living off grid. They show how food is harvested, livestock is raised, and how an off-grid home is maintained. If the participants come to love their new lives, they can choose to purchase the land.

Would you stay unplugged or plug back into city life?

There are only 19 episodes of this show. It is entertaining enough that it’ll feel like nine. Before you know it, you’ll be watching the last episode and wishing for more.

You can watch this show on Prime Video, Youtube, or Vudu.

13. Alaska: The Last Frontier

This is yet another show set in the ever-popular Alaska. The Kilchers will feel like your new family when you watch this show.

The show follows the family and how they navigate survival in their cold environment.

You can truly see the daily lives of people living in Alaska. They do not have power or running water, but they make life work.

The show celebrated ten years on-screen in 2022, with 11 seasons being produced at that point. The Kilchers are staying on the screen for a while.

You can stream Alaska: The Last Frontier on Discovery+.

14. Ice Lake Rebels

The show is named after the Great Slave Lake, where it is filmed. The people who live year embrace every struggle the terrain brings because they feel free.

The laws of modern society don’t apply to the area around the Great Slave Lake. The people don’t even pay taxes!

Imagine life without taxes!

That will never be a reality for most of us. Don’t fret; you can imagine this life by watching the show. You can watch both seasons of the show on Amazon Prime.

14. Survivor

The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

Survivor is one of the most popular off-grid survival shows. The format is unlike other shows in this category. It is a competition with $1 million as the prize.

It takes place on a remote island. The contestants compete in teams and have to find their own food. They also have to build their own shelters. The challenges they do every episode keeps you on the edge of your seat.

If you thought that was the only drama, you’re mistaken.

Half the fun of Survivor lies in the alliances that are made and broken throughout the season. You remain in the game by getting votes. It is so entertaining watching everyone scheme to get voted for.

There are 43 seasons of Survivor and 628 episodes. If you fall in love with the show, you don’t have to worry about running out of episodes.

You can watch survivor on the following platforms:

  1. Hulu
  2. Disney+
  3. ESPN+
  4. Showmax
  5. Netflix
  6. Youtube
  7. Prime Video

Conclusion: The 15 Best Off Grid TV Shows You Need To Watch

That’s it, folks. Whether you’re into fiction or reality, there’s a show here for you.

No two shows are the same, but they can all teach you something about living off the grid.

If you’re into fictional shows, have a look at Frontier and Jericho. There are a few home-building shows on our list, so be sure to check them out too. We have plenty of options for the traditional off-grid enthusiasts too!

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