8 Most Comfortable Ways To Sleep In A Tent
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The Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent” – 8 Pro Tips.

There’s nothing more exciting than the thought of spending a night or two outdoors, right? 

Specifically, camping – probably with a few of your favorite people around you. 

But if I’m honest…

…the first time I ever went camping, I spent the better part of my nights tossing and turning – it was cold and uncomfortable. 

Fortunately, sleeping beautifully in your tent can be pretty darned easy when you know how

Basically, it comes down to one simple thing – you need something soft and insulated between you and the ground.


Anything else is window dressing – but good to have if you can.

Sleeping outdoors without an insulated mat can be rough, cold and uncomfortable.

In terms of general camping kit, your mat is as important as your sleeping bag.

As a rule of thumb – always spend your whole budget on your sleeping pad – whatever you do, don’t cut corners it’s just not worth it and you’ll only regret it later.

Do your research, invest in a great quality pad – make sure the R value is where you need it to be for the climate, and all your restful nights will be proof enough you did the right thing. 

You definitely don’t want to wake up with horrible neck pain or pressure points from having had rocks and stones beneath you. 

Make sure you have a restful night’s sleep in order to fully engage in – and enjoy your time in the wild.

When you bring along a high-performance insulation mat you’ll be protected from the cold, uneven ground and the wet. 

1. Best Things To Sleep On When Camping?

The first thing you need to pack after your tent is a good quality (insulated) camping mattress. 

If you’re hiking on the trials, car camping, or glamping, your trip will be improved exponentially with a quality night’s sleep.

We have a few tips on how to sleep in a tent comfortably for you right here.

Ideally, you should opt for a carrycot but if weight and luggage capacity is an issue then choose a camping mattress instead.

Camping Mattress

There are lots of options available: Sleeping pad, Self-inflating air mattress, Camping mattress.

The Best Camping Mattress is dependant on the type of trip you’ll be taking.

If you’re camping in colder temperatures try to avoid air mattresses as they’re prone to deflate in the cold conditions and your precious body heat will “leak” into the mattress. 

TOP TIP: Put a mattress topper of your camp mattress, you’ll thank me later.

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2. How To Sleep Comfortably In A Tent – Bring A High-Quality Sleeping Bag

Have you ever wondered how to get good sleep when camping?

Well, the first thing you need to do is get yourself a great quality sleeping bag.

Don’t make the mistake of choosing the first one you set your eyes on.

Here’s the deal

Not all sleeping bags are created equal.

You want to get a high-quality product that’ll keep you beautifully cozy throughout your camping trip.

Sleeping Bag

You’ll find two types of sleeping bags, which include:

  • Backpacking sleeping bags
  • Car Camping sleeping bags

So in this case, you need to choose a sleeping bag that suits your camping trip. Usually, car camping sleeping bags tend to be wider; hence, they don’t retain a lot of heat.

These are good for camping in warm areas.

On the other hand, backpacking sleeping bags have a snug fit, all thanks to their mummy shaped design. Their design allows them to retain a lot of heat, plus they’re usually lightweight. These aspects make them suitable for you if you’re camping in cool areas or if you move from one campsite to the next pretty often.

3. Comfortable Bedding – Carry Some Blankets And Pillows

As an outdoor enthusiast, it’s super important you learn how to sleep better when camping.

Specifically, you need to bring a few blankets and pillows to make your tent comfier. Blankets will help to keep you warm during cold nights, while the pillows will make your bed cozier.

But here’s the best part

You can customize your tent by playing with the colors to make sure the blankets and pillows blend in.

Also, you don’t have to get new blankets every time you go camping. Instead, just bring them from home.

Even if you don’t want to color coordinate your tent, the blankets and pillows will improve the ambience.

Camping Mattresses

4. Camping Sleeping Options – Manage The Noise


Yes, the outdoors is full of beautiful sounds, especially at night.

However, not everyone can sleep well when there’s a lot of natural noise.

If the crackling of fire or the screeching of bugs at night disturbs your restful sleep, we have a solution for you.

Bring along some earplugs. They’ll effectively block out the noise, allowing you to sleep much easier.

You could also consider bringing an eye mask.


When there’s too much light pollution, or your tent fabric allows the light in at dawn, you might have a harder time sleeping.

Luckily, an eye mask is a handy accessory to gently protect you from the light.

8 Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent (Pro Tips) – How To Best Setup Your Family Tent ✓ Step by Step Guide ✓ You’ll Love These Helpful Tips…

5. Find A Comfortable Spot To Set Up Your Tent

To enjoy your camping trip, you need to know how to best set up your family tent for sleeping.

And that involves choosing the most suitable camping spot.

You need to find a strategic spot where you can set up your tent. The campsite should be flat and free of rocks. Preferably, find a spot with soft grass.

Now, it’s time to show you why your camping location is so important.

For starters, find a spot that will allow your head(s) to be in an upward position.

Wall Tent


To allow proper blood circulation.

This may seem obvious, but most campers tend to overlook this when pitching their tents.

So, you need to scout your campsite to find an area with a slight slope.

While you’re there

You should also pitch your tent away from other tents. By doing so, you’ll avoid the noise and distraction from your fellow campers.

6. Wear Suitable Clothes

There are some clothes it’s best to avoid when camping.

We asked a few of our adventurous camping buddies for their opinions, and the majority said they avoid wearing cotton.

Want to know the reason behind keeping away from cotton?

Well, it’s because clothes that are made of cotton are heavy.

Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

As a result, they absorb the moisture and your sweat, making it harder for your body to regulate the temperature.

So, what do people wear to sleep when camping in a tent? We recommend you wear clothes made of polyester, nylon, silk, or Merino wool.

You might be wondering whether you need to sleep in a lot of clothing or with your underwear to retain some heat.

We recommend you try different clothes together until you find the perfect mix

You need to find the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent.

The goal, however, is most definitely to make sure you keep warm.

7. Keep Bugs Off Your Tent​

From the times I’ve camped, I can tell you there’s nothing that disrupts a good night’s sleep like bugs.

Particularly, buzzing mosquitos.


The mosquitos won’t only create a lot of noise but they’ll also bite.


The worst part is they’ll disturb you all night long.

You won’t want your camping trip disrupted by bugs, right?

So, what to do?


Carry an effective mosquito net to keep them away.

Camp Mattress

Alternatively, you can apply bug repellant to stop mosquitoes biting you.

But there’s more….

You need to make sure the mosquito netting has no holes.

If you notice any, patch them up, or buy a new net.

7. Warm-Up Your Sleeping Bag​

Nobody likes getting into a cold bed huh?

For you to enjoy super cozy sleep, you need to warm up your tent bedding.

But how do you go about this?

You need to boil some water about an hour before you tuck into your sleeping bag.

Let the water cool a little, then pour it into a hot water bottle and seal it.

You should also put a cover over it to prevent burning your skin.

If you don’t have access to a hot water bottle, you can stuff your bedding with extra clothing. A sleeping bag liner might also come in handy.

 Most Comfortable Ways To Sleep In A Tent

Conclusion: Most Comfortable Way To Sleep In A Tent

What’s a camping trip if you don’t get to enjoy it because your group or family is sleep deprived and grouchy?

For you to have a comfortable stay,  preparation is the key

And that’s why you need to ask yourself, what do you sleep on when camping?

The first thing you need to pack after your tent is the best quality insulated camping mattress your budget will allow

Once you’ve chosen your sleeping pad you can use our hints and tips (above) to put a little extra thought into making your sleeping space the very best it can be.   

You’ll be happy you did!


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