TopNotch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Thanks for joining us here at TopNotch. We’re pleased to have you and hope you find our reviews informative and entertaining.


Why Should I Trust Your Reviews?


We handpick our writers for passion and experience. They’re also researchers and come to us with a wealth of knowledge of The Great Outdoors.

We test our products (to destruction sometimes), write our reviews, edit and rewrite. We do this for the sake of clarity. And so that the information we provide you is entirely up to date.

You need look nowhere else.

It’s all here.

We know what it’s like to arrive on the campsite on a Friday night in the pitch black with kids in the car and a tent to pitch.

We’ve felt the pain of finally getting a break from trekking the hills with nowhere to perch our tired butt.

Our founders understand what’s needed.

That’s why we’re here.

We aim to deliver the best reviews on some of the best outdoor products you’ll find anywhere in the world.

No matter how far you may roam.


Do Companies Pay You To Review Their Products?


That’s a very easy one.


Any product we test, we buy independently.

We pay for shipping just like you.

We touch and feel and open these products.

We use them, and we review them.

We are not paid through this process by ANY product manufacturer.


How Do You Choose Which Products To Review?


We mentioned earlier we handpick our writers, right?

Well – here’s why.

Each review is a project in its own right. Each demands a writer who has experience of using these products in the field.

But before any of our writers put pen to paper, they must first ‘research’.

We always do our homework.

And from a global selection of competing products, we select our favorite handful.

After that, we test, test, test.

And then we write our reviews.


How Do You Make Money?


Again, easy.

Our mission is to provide the best, most accurate reviews.

Our readers know and trust us, and they’re happy to buy through the links we provide. This earns us a small commission on each sale through our partners who fund our work.

This, in turn, helps to fund our writers to write reviews.

It’s a harmonious, straightforward process.

Thank you.


How Do You Keep All These Reviews Up To Date?


This is the work of our Executive Editors who keep a rolling program of updates for our reviews.

We make sure we’re quick to learn about the manufacturer’s product updates. We then assess any new product – test – and add to our reviews where necessary.

Our readers play a big part too.

We ask that if you have information we don’t, that you please drop us a quick message.

You’ll find a link to our ‘Contact Us’ form on every page of our website.


How Will I Know When You Post A New Review?


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